MacKeeper were initially introduced by Zeobit in 2011 before they were obtained by Kromtech Alliance, a technology investment firm based out of Germany.


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Security Quality
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The Good

  • Great features
  • 24/7 support

MacKeeper boasts an impressive suite of features, including:

  • Internet Security
  • Anti-Theft
  • Fast Clean-up
  • Duplicates Folder
  • Update Tracker
  • Backup
  • Files Recovery
  • Disk Usage
  • Data Encrypter
  • Default Apps
  • Shredder
  • Files Finder
  • Human Assistance
  • Login Items
  • Smart Uninstaller
  • Geek on Demand

Additionally, the company offers 24/7 support for its customers. Anecdotal evidence suggests that the interface and chat-based help features are some of the easiest for non-techies to master. The program’s interface is simple, clean and easy to use.

The Bad

  • Possible issues with certification
  • No discounts for multiple licenses
  • More expensive than competitors

There are many reasons that selecting security software from Kromtech might not be a good choice. The lab tests for the software are unimpressive and the software scored poorly in real-world tests.

While the software is certified by West Coast Labs and the ISCA, it is important to note that in order to be certified, companies must pay the lab. There are reports to suggest that this payment “helps” companies become certified.

Kromtech does not offer discounts for multiple licenses. They do not have an extended subscription plan for those purchasing multiple years’ protection at a discount.

MacKeeper protection is significantly more expensive than the competitors.

Apple support forums are filled with complaints about MacKeeper and the changes which it makes to their system. Many users report losing photos or other files after installing the program, some going as far as to call MacKeeper malware.

The Bottom Line

Although Kromtech MacKeeper is taking steps to rehabilitate its image, recent independent and real-world tests from AV Comparatives show the software still isn’t where it needs to be for us to recommend them. The company wants to showcase information from the software when it was previously owned by Zeobit, but without all of the complaints which drove the company out of business.

The selection of products which have been proven effective in computer security at better or comparable prices is significant, and one can easily find another solution to keep their data safe.

Price Range

  • Mac
    • MacKeeper
      • 24 month plan – $4.95/month ($118.80 paid up-front)
      • 12 month plan – $7.95/month ($95.40 paid up-front)
      • 6 month plan – $9.94/month ($59.70 paid up-front)
      • 1 month plan – $14.95

MemoryKeeper – Free at the Mac App store


Kromtech offers products for Mac OS computers.


Recent tests from AV Comparatives indicated MacKeeper had an 80% malware detection rate, which is lower than many competing offerings.


There are many anecdotal reports of MacKeeper slowing systems down and harming the system files of Macs.

CNET’s Editors Rating

CNET’s Editors have not reviewed Kromtech’s software. The titles above (excepting Mac’s MemoryKeeper) are available for download through CNET’s downloads.


Kromtech’s products are certified by West Coast Labs or the ICSA.

Mobile Antivirus

Kromtech does not have a mobile product at this time.

Cleaning/False Positives

MacKeeper’s software has a reputation for reporting “junk files” aggressively, even files included in a fresh installation of Mac OS X.

Time in Business

Kromtech was founded in 2012 and purchased PCKeeper and MacKeeper from ZeoBit, LLC in 2013.

Contact Information


Kromtech Alliance
Richmodstrasse, 6
50667 Cologne

Germany 0 (800) 182 0572
USA (866) 988-6766

UK 0 (800) 098-8451

AU 1 (800) 821-331

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  1. User Score


    August 22nd, 2016 La Quinta, CA

    Day three of having to call MacKeeper regarding licenses, and being hot due to Kromtec’s excuses. You would think that after speaking with a supervisor on a Sunday, that all issue would be done. No, I got the same blah blah, blah blah, blah. I’m not a nerd, and Mac stores are no fun either to leave your computer for service. Hell the last time I did that, the Mac store funked up the whole internal board. The older version of MacKeeper was great, but this upgrade version 3.11.1 is not all that it’s cracked up to be. Now call me a fool, but I also purchased 24/7 ZOOMSupport to go fix correct corrupted files that were crashing system. Let’s face it. El Capitan is not that great and caused Safari to run slower than a turtle. ZoomSupport did its job, and correct the issues. My beef comes down to customer service and product/ service inequity. Both are inadequate. A consumer should never ever have to call into to complain about nasty messages stating your account is going to expire in 7 hours, or speak harshly to get an additional license for another Mac after paying all that money for ZoomSupport. I guess Canada conducts business differently, ehh? I’ll ride this year out, and not renew. In the mean time, I’ll search for another alternative because no matter what Mac touts, crap does infect Macs. Adware was on my iMac, and fragmented across other files. Antivirus can’t quarantine it, but at least the software identified so ZoomSupport could eliminate it entirely. Just saying there are pros and cons. It would be nice it MacKeeper integrates and communicates better than current. If I have to contact MacKeeper again, I’ll dispute my charges and go about life as normal. Avoid the stress and avoid MacKeeper.

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  2. User Score


    September 29th, 2015

    I have no any issues with this company and with the products. I have MacKeeper installed at my computer and it works great. I can say nothing about PCKeeper I don’t use PC, but I am sure it’s ok.


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