K7 Computing

K7 Computing

K7 Computing has been providing software security solutions since 1991. The company’s headquarters is located in India, with customers in over 100 countries worldwide. K7 Computing has a United States office which is located in Delaware. Most of the company’s 10 million users are located in Asia, but they are rapidly gaining market share in the United States and Canada.  

The Good

  • Free trial
  • Great features

K7 Computing offers several products to protect their customers' data from malware attacks. Some of the notable features for these products include:

  • Pricing
    • All of the security software is available with a generous 30-day trial, after which time, customers may determine if they want to continue with protection from K7 or uninstall the product.
    • When purchasing a license, one may purchase a license for multiple users (machines) or receive discounts for multiple year protection, paid in advance.
    • The majority of K7 Software products are competitively priced.
  • Features
    • Free 30-day download for all products.
    • USB media is automatically scanned and K7 removes potential threats.
    • Auto updates for all K7 products to identify new threats and to keep the defense system up to date.
    • All downloaded applications are scanned and detected for malware before the download starts and damage occurs.
    • Automatic system clean-up to remove all the changes left behind by a malware infection.
    • Bootable Rescue disc with malware scan and as well as a remove feature to keep your system clean.
    • Real time protection for your system which prevents malware intrusion that can affect the system's security.
    • Safe browsing by permitting access to only safe websites while the bad websites are turned off.
    • Smart firewall blocks intrusions from harming your system.
    • USB drives are vaccinated against malware infections from external devices.

The Bad

  • No products for iOS devices
  • No products for Linux
  • Higher costs

Along with most of the competitors, K7 does not have a product for iOS devices. Unlike the competition however, K7 does not even offer a Mac compatible product. Linux users will not find a product which will work for their needs either.

K7 Software does not offer discounts for multiple mobile users either.

Pricing for most of K7 products is competitive, but for their higher-tiered products, the packages are slightly higher than those published by most of their competitors.

Full clean-up of malware did not score as highly as that of the competition, and some non-executable files were left on users' systems.

The Bottom Line

K7 software products have been shown to be accurate and real-time protection in tests by independent labs have yielded promising results. Clean-up of malware left some files on systems, which required additional steps to correct and to fully remove.

K7 products leave little system impact as far as slowing down one's computing, and their detection rates are very good.

Reviewers recommend K7 as a basic anti-virus software product, but with the full disclosure that there are better products available for near the same price which score higher in removal of all malware files - executable and non-executable.

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