In 2004, Mark Allan was busy searching for a way to scan emails, documents and downloaded information for viruses. He developed his own software for Mac OS X called ClamAV. After five years, Mark released a second version of the software and renamed it ClamXav. Allan’s software is currently managed by Sourcefire, which in turn is owned by industry giant Cisco.


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The Good

  • Free download
  • Thorough scan
  • Great features

When discussing any product, one of the first things people naturally want to know about is cost. Those shopping for anti-virus software and solutions will be happy to know that ClamXav is free.

From a functionality standpoint, ClamXav offers users many advantages. The ClamX development team frequently makes improvements to the software to ensure that it is up to date and has everything a user needs. The software effectively and efficiently scans through files and folders on your hard drive to identify those that are infected with malware and viruses. Not only does the software point out these issues, but it will tell you precisely what the virus or malware could potential do to your files and computer. It also provides means to eradicate these harmful infections, meaning you’re not left scratching your head, unsure of what is happening.

In addition during the virus/malware scan, you are able to pause and continue the scan at your convenience. That way, you can step away if necessary without worrying that something will occur without you knowing about it.

Another nice feature with which the software is equipped is the ability to take the infected files and move into a separate location on your computer, away from all other pertinent files and applications. You can then delete the infected files after the scan. The process is painless, simple and complete.

One nice thing you will appreciate about ClamXav is the fact that the software won’t start up on its own with scans without you knowing or without your permission. It doesn’t run non-stop or at times when such an interruption would be an annoyance. The software will run when it has to. It’s user-friendly and convenient in every way.

The Bad

  • Can be difficult
  • Mac users only
  • Limited features

Beginners might have a difficult time with the software. There is a dearth of instructions on how to set up and initiate the scanning process. If you are inexperienced using anti-virus software, you’re likely to experience some frustrations.

The software is for Mac users only. It will not work for PC users. There are also no parental controls, no firewall and no web protection. There aren’t as many features with the software as you’ll find with other similar products.

The Bottom Line

ClamXav is not one of more recognized names in the arena of anti-virus/anti-malware software, and for good reason. It is not equipped with the menus of features that larger, more well-known companies offer. The software is free, however, which is a significant advantage for customers seeking a good solution at no cost. It also does an adequate job of identifying and removing harmful attackers on your computer. If you are looking for a free anti-virus software then ClamXav is worth a look.



Free Trial Offer

The product is always free.

Mobile Protection

Mobile protection is not offered.


With no firewall or web protection, security is below average.

Social Network Protection: None

Email Security: None

AV-comparative: N/A

Anti-spam: None


The product has not been AV-Tested

Tune-up and Speed

The scans can be started and paused at the user’s convenience.

Time in Business

Since 2004.


ClamXav’s parent company, Sourcefire, is located in Columbia, Maryland.

Customer Service

An online support forum is available for questions and comments 24/7. Other questions and issues may be addressed with customer service via telephone through Sourcefire during business hours.


System Requirements

Requires at least Mac OS X 10.6. Downloadable at 21.1 MB.


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