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LAST UPDATED: September 8th, 2021

Avast! was established in 1988 as ALWIL Software cooperative in the Czech Republic after mathematics researcher Paul Baudis wrote a computer program able to remove the infamous Vienna Virus. Since that time, Avast! has continued expanding its antivirus technologies as well as its worldwide user base. Avast! currently protects over 200 million active devices in 41 languages. 


The Good

  • Free Antivirus
  • Great Features
  • Crowdsourcing

Free Antivirus

Avast! offers free antivirus and anti-spyware protection for PC and for Mac. Coverage with a paid subscription includes a slew of additional security features. One feature to pay attention to is Avast!'s SafeZone protection for secured payments and banking.

Great Features

Though it's not a typical focus of antivirus protection, improved financial security is a fast-growing need online. SafeZone allows users to control settings for specific websites dealing with financial transactions — such as online banking accounts, booking hotels and flights, online shopping, or any other type of money transfer-to launch in special windows that keep your financial information private.


Another great feature is the value Avast! places on crowdsourcing. The company encourages customers to submit information about specific malware they encounter to Avast!'s ever-expanding database of threats. This supplements the live updates maintained by antivirus professionals in Avast!'s labs.

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The Bad

  • No Social Media Protection
  • Can Become Pricey

Though Avast! offers extensive virus, malware, spam, and phishing protection, as well as particular attention to financial accounts, the company's antivirus products don't offer any protection specific to social media accounts. They don't monitor social media activity to alert you to suspicious activity that might suggest your accounts are being compromised.

Can Become Pricey

Additionally, Avast!'s subscriptions may seem relatively inexpensive, but the prices we've listed are only for securing one device. If you are looking to secure multiple computers, be sure to compare the prices for securing multiple devices, which can get pretty steep.


The Bottom Line

Avast! has an extensive worldwide presence as well as an impressive, consistent performance record with AV-Test and AV-Comparatives. This company is a good choice for antivirus protection. At the very least, you've got nothing to lose with the free subscription option and 30-day trials for the other products!

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18 Reviews

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Brittney Mac Gregor Louisville, KY

I have used Avast exclusively for many years. I have never had any issues with the service. I have used the free service for most of my time with Avast, although I have used the premium service as well. I have to say, that the free service is of such good quality, I have downgraded back to the free service. I've not had any damaging viruses on my computer ever since I have had this installed, unlike with MacAfee and Norton's. Another really good plus is that the software doesn't interact with my other software and programs the way that some antiviruses do. I do not need a lot of security on my computer at this time since it's just used by me and for entertainment purposes, however, I do highly recommend their premium services for more technical uses of a computer, such as business, school, etc. You can't go wrong using Avast in my opinion, and I hold a B.S. in computer science!

3 months ago

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Rafet Afnan Mymensingh, 34

Avast is one of the best antivirus companies in recent years. I have been using Avast for one year and my fellow friends for 3 years. Apart from the paid version of Avast the free versions also offer you standard protection against viruses. Avast is very reliable in virus detection and resolve issues. Avast will protect your every file and will keep you secured. I strongly recommend Avast for its notable service.

5 months ago

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Gabe Burton Riverton, UT

Avast is pretty simple and not too expensive. I find that having an anti-virus will make your OS slower though. This one isn't a huge program, I've found it runs quite well on my PC

2 months ago

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Teresa Pompano Beach, FL

I've been using Avast on my personal computer for at least the last five years. I have never had a problem with viruses or malware *(knock on wood) - but I do think that Avast has kept the evil at bay. Great Product, not too heavy on the system resources either.

1 year ago

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Jonathan Bountiful, UT

I have had a great experience with Avast (Free). The frequent pop ups to try to sell additional services are annoying but for a free anti-virus it does a great job. I used to use Norton but then I got a Trojan that was opening pop-ups rapidly. I was battling for control until I managed to install Avast. It stopped the Trojan in it's tracks and I got my computer back. I have been with them ever since.

3 years ago

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Eban Beltran Arlington, TX

I used Avast’s free version for years and was very satisfied with the protection. My only complaint is that they pushed their paid product so much and eventually they started displaying notifications claiming that I had to upgrade to paid or lose protection. Switched to another antivirus soon after.

9 months ago

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Cris Balmanno Riverton, UT

Avast started off as a simple anti-virus program, then grew to a bloated mess that ate up system resources and slowed the computer down significantly. Uninstalled and won't go back.

3 months ago

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Fred Frontino Mesa, AZ

I've been using Avast for a couple years now and I am very pleased with their products. The price is competitive and the software is easy to use.

7 months ago

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Tanner Hales Pleasant Grove, UT

I love the free versions of Avast. They may not do much in turns of preventative defense, but their scans always clean my computers right up if I ever have issues. I have used other services, and they are no better than Avast is when needing to clear out viruses.

3 years ago

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Kyle Provo, UT

My favorite antivirus software. Free option offers great protection. The premium services also give good value but I haven't pulled the trigger yet.

10 months ago

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Nancy Paugh Long Beach, MS

I have use this program on several of my computers. It helps keep my information secure. It alerts me to any unsafe or suspicious activity.

1 year ago

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allen pina

Caught a Ransomware and system slowed even before that. customer service is all about upgrading and selling services/options and/or add-ons it repair or optimize my computer. aggressive salespeople. went back to bitdefender even before the service expired.

4 years ago

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joe Teaneck, NJ

I got the paid version never finished scanning more than 6% after 12 hours! cusotmer service jerk says it is problem with my computer. I want to delete but it wont accept password avast want $ 179 to reset the password. NEVER GET THIS CRAPPY PROGRAM

5 years ago

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LeAnn Baytown, TX

Avast gets on my nerves with so many pop-ups

3 months ago

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Mary-Ann Costby3 Chandler, AZ

Very easy to use with my devices and it really does the promised job- keeps my data safe away

1 year ago

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Amanda Sherwood, OR

I like them cause they offer a free service but constantly trying to upsell me and I can never tell if they are actually doing the protecting on my computer...

3 years ago

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Cheyenne Stewart Knoxville, TN

Avast is a pretty good protector from malware & viruses.

7 months ago

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P. Palmer El Paso, TX

I have used Avast free antivirus and it has always worked great.

3 years ago