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6 Ways to Stay Safe Online

August 18, 2017

In the last several years cyber security has become a major issue, not only for major stores like Home Depot, Target, a...

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Never Put These Docs in Your Wallet

May 17, 2016

Yes, believe it or not, you CAN get by in life with a wallet that just has a little cash, a store card or two, one to tw...

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Google Alert Scams

May 10, 2016

If you want to know the latest on "any topic," just sign up for Google Alerts. Google will e-mail you notifications of n...

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    Reward Points Next Target for Hackers
    Hackers for Hilton Honors: That's the new mantra being sung by the hacking community. Readers of the site have recently reported that their Hilton Honors loyalty accounts were siphoned by e-criminals. An ...
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    How to Win the War on Phishing
    A phishing attack is a trick e-mail sent randomly to perhaps a million recipients, and the thief counts on the numbers game aspect: Out of any given huge number of people, a significant percentage will fall for the trick. The...
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    How The Internet of Things Can Go Very Wrong
    The Internet-one of history's greatest inventions-is also one of history's greatest platforms for crime. Here are ways things can go very wrong with the Internet of Things. Med-hacking. Researchers have hacked many medical d...
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    An Inside Look at 'AdWare' and How Scammers Make Money With Ad-Serving Viruses
    Some AdWare is more tolerated than others, but most is seen as bothersome to internet users. When you access and use programs with integrated AdWare, you may notice that advertisements seem targeted or relevant to your brows...
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    6 Security Tips for Cyber Monday Shopping
    Do you know how to protect your personal information when you do cyber shopping on Monday? Be careful whom you conduct business with. Buy only from major retailers or a long-time trusted merchant. It's far less likely you'll...
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    How Your Webcam May Be Spying on You
    Remember that song from 1984, "Somebody's watching me?" It was a great foreshadowing of things to come: These days, people really CAN watch you while you go about your business at home...through your computer. So if someone ...
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    Expect All Free Mobile Apps to Leak Your Data says that recently over 98,000 photos have been leaked from, which has shut down. The Snapchat app makers won't take any credit, even though previously, 4.7 million phone numbers and usernames were...
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    Steps to Manage a Secure Online Backup
    Cyber storage does not always = secure backup. Users of cloud storage have many potential tools at hand to beef up security. And just because cloud services have some loopholes doesn't mean you should just throw in the towel...
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    5 Ways Criminals Hack Your PC
    Hackers are hell-bent on busting into the network of their targets. They are persistent-never giving up. When you build your defense against cyber criminals, it must be done with the idea that they WILL succeed. When you ope...
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    Facebook Security: Why You’ll Need Proper Antivirus Coverage if You Use Facebook Regularly
    As an Internet user, your privacy and security are under attack every day. Viruses lurk in programs, content and code, and scammers are quick to cash in on personal information. If you regularly use Facebook, it is important...

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