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    How to Tell If Your Computer Has a Virus
    Your computer probably has a virus if you can answer "Yes" to any of the questions below: Is your computer running quite slowly? A virus often causes a computer to run slowly. But realize this symptom can also mean a compute...
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    Purchasing Antivirus Software vs. Free Downloadable Version
    Free downloadable antivirus (AV) software is pretty enticing, but that universal rule of "You get what you pay for" applies here as well-as in, "You get what you don't pay for." That's because with free versions, you get only...
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    Antivirus Isn't Dead! Here Are Three Ways That High-Quality Antivirus Software Can Protect You and Your Computer
    It's easy to forget that the Internet isn't always a safe place, not for people and certainly not for computers. You might think you have a lot of experience online. Regardless, keep in mind that even technology professional...
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    The Role of Antivirus Software
    The purpose of antivirus (AV) software is to detect, neutralize, or eradicate malware (malicious software). AV software not only will identify and destroy the computer virus, but it's also designed to fight off other kinds o...
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    The Most Common Threats to Your PC
    Security Breaches and Your Computer's Safety The world of the internet and computer technology is growing and evolving day by day, and with that continued expansion arises both positive and negative side effects. The positiv...
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    Macs Are Not Immune to Security Breaches!
    How to Find the Best Antivirus for Your Apple You've probably heard the myth many times before: Macs simply don't need antivirus software. For years, Mac owners have rested easy and skipped the antivirus software, knowing th...
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    Antivirus 101: How Do I Know If My Computer Has a Virus?
    In our modern, technological world, one of the constant threats facing millions of people around the world comes in the form of computer viruses that have the potential to cripple individual systems or even vast networks of c...
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    So Your Email Has Been Hacked? The 5 Step Guide to Immediate Action
    If you have been having issues with people telling you they've received strange emails from you, you've probably been hacked. Or maybe you have been one of the victims to the recent email hacking similar to the AOL incident....
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    The 5 Most Important Reasons Businesses Must Protect Their Computers From Attack
    In the news, there are often reports about criminals launching cyber-attacks against a range of businesses. The main ways in which the attackers do this is by exploiting flaws in computer networks so that they can achieve ope...
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    The Perils of Torrents: Why Music and Movies May Not Be the Only Thing That You’re Downloading
    Torrent files are a popular method of sharing movies, music and other types of media and information. Due to their widespread use, torrents are seen by a variety of scammers as an excellent tool for obtaining other people's ...

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