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    Steps to Manage a Secure Online Backup
    Cyber storage does not always = secure backup. Users of cloud storage have many potential tools at hand to beef up security. And just because cloud services have some loopholes doesn't mean you should just throw in the towel...
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    5 Ways Criminals Hack Your PC
    Hackers are hell-bent on busting into the network of their targets. They are persistent-never giving up. When you build your defense against cyber criminals, it must be done with the idea that they WILL succeed. When you ope...
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    Facebook Security: Why You’ll Need Proper Antivirus Coverage if You Use Facebook Regularly
    As an Internet user, your privacy and security are under attack every day. Viruses lurk in programs, content and code, and scammers are quick to cash in on personal information. If you regularly use Facebook, it is important...
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    PC Hard Drive Maintenance 101
    Keeping your hard drive in tip-top shape is key to a well-running computer. A crashed hard drive means smacking a big wet-one goodbye to all of your data. Eliminate Unnecessary Data De-clutter the drive to make its workload...
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    Mac Users: Yes, Viruses Can Infect Macs Too. Here's How to Detect When Your Mac Has a Virus
    If you're a Mac user, you might think that viruses won't affect you. It is true that malware for Macs is much less prevalent than for PCs. However, such malware still exists, and it can harm both you and your machine. If you...
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    What to Do in the Aftermath of an Attack
    Can you hack cleaning up the mess a hacker makes after infiltrating your computer? Would you even know the first thing to do? And yes, YOUR computer CAN be hacked. After the attack, locate the portal through which the c...
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    Antivirus for Email: Here's Why Simply Being Diligent About Attachments Might Not Protect You
    Email viruses are slightly different than most viruses, because they can't replicate without help from you. Though there are a few viruses that can, these are not seen very often. The ones that do need your help, however, ar...
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    The Definitive Five-Step Guide to Locking Down Your Twitter Account to Protect It From Viruses
    Twitter, the micro-blogging and social-networking site that allows users to send messages using 140 characters or less, is quite popular. In fact, Twitter says that it has 255 million monthly active users and that half a bil...
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    Botnets Here, Botnets There, Botnets EVERYWHERE
    What are these "botnets" you keep hearing about? Botnets (think roBOT + NETwork-gets you "BOTNET") are a network of secretly compromised, run-of-the-mill home and office computers that have malicious software-controlled by a...
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    Best Way to Destroy a Computer Virus
    Computer viruses are here to stay, which means users need to know the best way to eradicate them the moment they attack. Like disease viruses, computer viruses evolve and get "smarter." The many different kinds of computer vi...

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