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    Fixing a Credit Report After Being Hacked
    First off, how NOT to fix a hacked credit report: signing on with a service that promises to correct the problem in a jiffy-a "sounds too good to be true" advertisement. A company that claims they will 100% fix your bad credi...
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    Researcher Says HTTPS Can Track You
    Perhaps you've read that "HTTPS" at the start of a website address means that the site is secure, encrypted. However, a feature of the HTTPS can track you, says an article at HTTP is not secure. Carnegie Me...
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    Beware of Scary WiFi Virus
    It's called Chameleon-a computer virus-but maybe it should be called FrankenVirus. You wouldn't believe what it can do: literally move through the air, as in airborne-like a biological pathogen. And like some Franken-creation...
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    Top 3 Best Antivirus Programs in Real World Tests
    Is your antivirus software really protecting you? It's hard to know, right? You do some research, trust some experts, and then cross your fingers and hope that your computer is protected. Unfortunately, most people only ...
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    Background Checks Aren't as Easy as You'd Think
    With seemingly more and more people being harassed, stalked and getting their identities stolen, the rate of background check requests (e.g., a small business owner hiring a private investigator) has increased quite a bit. Th...
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    How to Win the War on Phishing
    A phishing attack is a trick e-mail sent randomly to perhaps a million recipients, and the thief counts on the numbers game aspect: Out of any given huge number of people, a significant percentage will fall for the trick. The...
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    How The Internet of Things Can Go Very Wrong
    The Internet-one of history's greatest inventions-is also one of history's greatest platforms for crime. Here are ways things can go very wrong with the Internet of Things. Med-hacking. Researchers have hacked many medical d...
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    An Inside Look at 'AdWare' and How Scammers Make Money With Ad-Serving Viruses
    Some AdWare is more tolerated than others, but most is seen as bothersome to internet users. When you access and use programs with integrated AdWare, you may notice that advertisements seem targeted or relevant to your brows...
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    6 Security Tips for Cyber Monday Shopping
    Do you know how to protect your personal information when you do cyber shopping on Monday? Be careful whom you conduct business with. Buy only from major retailers or a long-time trusted merchant. It's far less likely you'll...
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    How Your Webcam May Be Spying on You
    Remember that song from 1984, "Somebody's watching me?" It was a great foreshadowing of things to come: These days, people really CAN watch you while you go about your business at home...through your computer. So if someone ...

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