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    How to Plan for Digital Disasters
    In this day and age, we should never hear someone proclaim, "Oh my God, my computer crashed! I lost everything!" You can't lose something that's been properly backed up. So many people, including ones with businesses that re...
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    How to Protect Voice Over Internet Protocol
    VoIP provides a number of valuable features in addition to big cost savings. These include call screening and conferencing, voicemail-to-e-mail transcription, call routing and more. With these grand features, though, comes r...
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    Data Breach Notifications Explained
    What is the legal time passage following a data breach during which a business (like Target and Anthem) is required to notify customers and clients? That's a trick question, because companies aren't even required to make the...
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    How Hackers Use LinkedIn to Scam
    Hackers love LinkedIn because it links them in-straight through the portal of the targeted company. Geez, how much easier could this be, what with all the publically-exposed e-mail addresses of key players (and also worker b...
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    Consumers Sacrificing Privacy for Convenience
    It's hard to believe that, according to a recent poll from the Pew Research Center, most Americans aren't too upset that the government can track their e-mails and phone calls. There's too much of a blasé attitude, it...
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    5 Online Security Tips You Need to Know
    It's up to the potential victim-the user-YOU-to make your computer or smartphone very difficult for Joe Hackster to infiltrate. Passwords Being that cyber crime has been a fixture of modern living for over a decade, you'd th...
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    Fraud Hits Apple Pay, But It's Secure
    You may want to rethink what you currently think about Apple Pay and security if you're thinking that it's riddled with insecurity. Thus far, this platform hasn't been hit by hackers in a way that results in large-scale cred...
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    Attention Lenovo PC Owners: Something’s Fishy With Your Computer
    Does your Lenovo computer have Superfish VisualDiscovery adware (a.k.a. spyware) installed? It's possible if you purchased a Lenovo PC any time in September of 2014 and thereafter. This Superfish software intercepts the Leno...
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    What Happens When a Bank Account is Hacked?
    Who'd ever think that 50 years ago, your money was safer in your bank account than it is today in this "modern" age: remote theft. If you bank with a large or small bank, your account may be at risk by hacking rings. However...
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    Microsoft and McAfee Can Remove Superfish Adware
    Mashable reports that both Windows Defender and McAfee antivirus software have been updated to remove Superfish Adware. Superfish is an adware product preinstalled on new Lenovo Windows laptops that has a security vulne...

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