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    How to Kick People Off Your WiFi
    If someone is "borrowing" your Wi-Fi service, there's more to this than just the nerve of someone secretly mooching off of you. Their use of your service could interfere with bandwidth and mess up your connection. If they're...
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    Infrastructures Under Attack
    It's been stated more than once that WWIII will most likely be cyber-based, such as dismantling a country's entire infrastructure via cyber weapons. And don't think for a moment this doesn't mean murdering people. A report a...
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    Hack Computers with Your Eyeballs
    Hacking a computer with your eyeballs refers to visual hacking: unauthorized spying on what someone has on their computer screen, mentally collecting that information (or jotting it down) and then using it against that indiv...
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    How to Prevent Your Pics from Being Lifted: Part 2
    For Part 1 of this article, CLICK HERE. There are many reasons someone might right-click on your image and "Save image as..." Porn, Sex and Dating Sites A woman might steal your blog headshot and use it for her dating site ...
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    How to Prevent Your Pics from Being Lifted: Part 1
    You need not be a celebrity or some big wig to suffer the devastating fallout of your online images (and videos) being stolen or used without your permission. So how does someone steal your image or use it without your permis...
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    10 Back-to-College Security Tips
    It used to be where you'd only worry about your college kid getting sucked into some religious cult. But college kids nowadays face assault, bullying, damaged reputations online, cyber scams and identity theft. In particular...
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    Hacker Isn’t a Bad Word
    Did you know that the original meaning of hacker, as far as computers, was that of a person who built codes into computers? In fact, the bad guy was called a "cracker." Somehow, "cracker" didn't catch on. But the mainstream ...
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    Reports Say Russians Hacked IRS Identities
    CNN recently reported that the data breach of the IRS, which occurred between this past February and May, originated from Russia. The crooks were able to steal tax returns from over 100,000 people. The thieves filed a total ...
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    How Photos Broadcast Your Location
    Do you know what EXIF is? Or rather...what it contains? Here's another question: Do you know how EXIF can help a burglar find your home or a pedophile find your child? EXIF contains data from your smartphone or digital camer...
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    Beware of Vacation Rental Scams this Summer
    Talk about getting taken to the cleaners: Imagine you spot a great summer rental property advertised online. Looks wonderful. The deal sounds too good to be true, but the owner tells you (via e-mail or even phone) that the f...

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