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    Popular Passwords Make it Easy to Hack You
    Your account passwords should be as unique as your fingerprint-to make them less hackable by crooks using password-guessing software that can run through millions of possible combinations in just minutes. And if you have an e...
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    Is a Deleted File Really Deleted?
    The term "delete" should be replaced with "archived" or "hidden" on computers so users are no longer fooled into thinking that once you "delete," the file is gone forever. Even when you delete something in the recycle bin, i...
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    How to Protect Against Tax Identity Theft
    What are you doing to prevent tax identity theft? Do you even know what steps to take? You'd better, because this crime has tripled since 2010, says the FTC. A report on describes tax identity theft as the ac...
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    How Much Is Your Data Worth Online?
    Cyber crime sure does pay, according to a report at Intel Security There's a boom in cyber stores that specialize in selling stolen data. In fact, this is getting so big that different kinds of hot data are ...
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    How to Remove Fraudulent Lines of Credit
    You just learned you have a new credit card account by checking your credit or because a bill collector called you. Problem is that you don't remember ever applying for it. You must find out what's behind this new account an...
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    How to Shop Securely with a Mobile Phone
    "You can buy things with your phone!" No kidding! But imagine what the response would have been had you made this statement in 1984: "Off your meds, eh?" Purchasing via the smartphone may very well eclipse the popularity of ...
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    How to Protect Your Car from Being Hacked
    If you're half asleep or texting while driving (which are both deadly), and you crash the car into a may be zero percent your fault. That's because hackers can now "get into" a smartcar and make it crash-theore...
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    How to Unsend or Cancel an Email
    If the person you are sending an e-mail to pretty much instantaneously receives it, how on earth can you unsend or cancel it? Well, you have several options. Criptext This is a browser plug-in that works for Chrome and Safa...
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    Protect Yourself from Holiday Shopping Scams
    Even though the highly publicized retail data breaches have involved off-line brick and mortar stores, this doesn't mean that security is high with online shopping. Scammers and hackers are waiting for you in more ways than ...
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    How to Stop Teenage Sexting
    Sexting is the act of sending images of a sexual nature via cell phone, often naked pictures. Because texting technology is so readily available and easy to understand, parents should be quite leery of telling themselves, "O...

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