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6 Ways to Stay Safe Online

August 18, 2017

In the last several years cyber security has become a major issue, not only for major stores like Home Depot, Target, a...

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Never Put These Docs in Your Wallet

May 17, 2016

Yes, believe it or not, you CAN get by in life with a wallet that just has a little cash, a store card or two, one to tw...

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Google Alert Scams

May 10, 2016

If you want to know the latest on "any topic," just sign up for Google Alerts. Google will e-mail you notifications of n...

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    Top 15 Hackers Of All Time
    Hackers helped fuel the antivirus industry. Their ability to gain access to the most confidential information in the world has created the need for computer protection. These hackers, several of whom have served a prison sen...
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    How Firewall Works
    Chances are you have heard the term "firewall" before. You most likely have heard about how it restricts you from going to a certain website and that it does something to protect your computer. All of this is true. It does s...
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    10 Reasons Why You Need Antivirus Software
    Surfing the web "cautiously" isn't enough to protect your computer these days. Viruses are lurking everywhere, and even if you are smart with your online searches, you can still end up with a virus that could cost you lots o...
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    Welcome to the Antivirus Blog!
    Welcome to the launch of the Antivirus blog! We will regularly post articles featuring helpful tools and resources to help you navigate the antivirus industry. Our goal is to provide consumers with unbiased reviews of  a...

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