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    ATM Skimming on the Rise, Again
    It seems like there's no end in sight for ATM skimming: A thief obtains an ATM user's information and makes cloned ATM cards, which he then uses to steal the victim's money. How does he get this information? From the secret c...
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    How to Kick People Off Your Wi-Fi
    If someone is "borrowing" your Wi-Fi service, there's more to this than just the nerve of someone secretly mooching off of you. Their use of your service could interfere with bandwidth and mess up your connection. If they're...
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    Top 3 Best Antivirus Programs in Real World Tests
    Is your antivirus software really protecting you? It's hard to know, right? You do some research, trust some experts, and then cross your fingers and hope that your computer is protected. Unfortunately, most people only find ...
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    An Inside Look at AdWare and How Scammers Make Money with Ad-Serving Viruses
    Some AdWare is more tolerated than others, but most is seen as bothersome to internet users. When you access and use programs with integrated AdWare, you may notice that advertisements seem targeted or relevant to your brows...
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    10 Reasons Why You Need Antivirus Software
    Surfing the web "cautiously" isn't enough to protect your computer these days. Viruses are lurking everywhere, and even if you are smart with your online searches, you can still end up with a virus that could cost you lots o...
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