Yahoo! Proves To Be Too Cheap For Email Security

By: Amber Newby | October 2, 2013 (Edited July 7, 2017)


It appears that no matter how many precautions companies take to protect the files and data stored on hard drives, as well as online, there are still vulnerabilities that exist within their security systems. To prevent as many unauthorized hackers from breaking in as possible, companies are turning to specialists and research agencies to find the faults in their security systems. These experts find the vulnerabilities in protection and then report them to the company so the problem can be solved.

Various companies are dishing out reasonable chunks of change to these researches for finding these gaps in their security systems. For these businesses, it is worth the cost of keeping their confidential company information protected as well as any information regarding their customers or users.

"The last thing a company, or anyone for that matter, needs is private information being accessed by unauthorized users," Dan Porter, Director of Reviews said. "Hacking into a company's computer system can be devastating for a business and hit hard financially. We have seen in several different instances that businesses have had to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage control after their computer system is hacked. As a result, many companies are willing to pay a much smaller cost to keep hackers from infiltrating their systems."

While most companies are worried about their computer systems getting hacked, there are others that do not appear to be nearly as concerned. Yahoo!, which provides email services to 282 million people, has received complaints concerning their user security. Despite the complaints, Yahoo! doesn't seem to be too concerned with the problem. While other internet companies pay hundreds of dollars to researchers for spotting vulnerabilities, Yahoo! is only paying $12.50 for each vulnerability discovered.

The company working to spot Yahoo! security flaws, High-Tech Bridge, found two rather significant protections issues within the Yahoo! security system. For each error identified, Yahoo! paid High-Tech Bridge a whopping $12.50 a piece. On top of the low payment, the money can only be used on the Yahoo! company store.

The word is now out. Groups that conduct similar research to that of High-Tech Bridge know the cost of doing business with Yahoo! and it is less than desirable. If Yahoo! users were at all concerned with their security before, it may be even more upsetting to hear that the experts in security research do not even have the desire to look into the Yahoo! security system.


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Written by Amber Newby

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