The 5 Most Important Reasons Businesses Must Protect Their Computers From Attack

By: Amber Newby | April 22, 2014 (Edited July 7, 2017)

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In the news, there are often reports about criminals launching cyber-attacks against a range of businesses. The main ways in which the attackers do this is by exploiting flaws in computer networks so that they can achieve open access and cause as much damage as possible. For your business in the modern world, one of the main concerns you should have is the security of your computers and the network they run on. For a sense of exactly what's at stake, here are five important reasons you should place computer security within your business at the top of your priority list.

Secure Your Customers' Private Data at All Costs

As a business, one of your primary obligations is to your customers, and that's why securing your computers/networks from attack is essential to preserving your established customer base. If an attack on your systems is able to get through your protection protocols, all the private data of customers you've conducted business with will be up for grabs. The fallout from such an incident would be twofold. First, the primary concern is the risk to your customers, especially if their private financial information has been leaked. The second concern would come shortly afterward, as most of your affected customers would likely make the decision to cut their losses and end any future business with you. By not ensuring the security of your computers and, therefore, the security of your customers' data, you run the constant risk of having such a potential scenario play out.

Safeguard the Overall Reputation of Your Business

Whether an attack against the computer network of your business risks your customers' data or not, any such attack that's successful in causing damage can hurt your overall reputation. Especially today, customers want reassurance that the businesses they deal with on a regular basis are operating via stable IT infrastructure in which all their transactions will occur safely and securely. Anything that suggests otherwise, such as a business that has been the victim of a cyber attack in the past, could push consumers to seek out alternatives in the market. Therefore, by using an optimally secured network of computers, your business will be taking the right measures to solidify its public reputation as a secure party with which to make transactions.

Protect Your Bottom Line From Taking a Direct Hit

Depending on the nature and severity of a successful cyber attack waged against your business, your bottom line could end up taking a significant hit in the end. For the majority of cases, some of the most common forms of monetary costs to businesses hit by an attack come from interrupted service, loss of critical information, damage to IT infrastructure, and even direct theft from online accounts. Larger businesses and corporations might have the resources to recover from the biggest of security breaches, but smaller to medium-sized ones could be absolutely crippled by a sophisticated attack. Establishing stringent security protocols and updating computers regularly is the best defense any business has against such a fate.

Ensure Continued Service to All Your Customers

Another reason for your business to secure its computer networks is to make sure that your customers, both current and future, are able to receive reliable service from your main webpages and online portals. Even a less severe cyber attack can result in enough disruption to bring your networks offline, which would in turn create major problems for any customers attempting to conduct business with you. In a way, this ties into protecting both your reputation and profits; both will take a hit if your customers are unable to make transactions or use your online services. These negative results will go on for as long as the service issues continue and likely, to a certain degree, even after those issues have been resolved.

Minimize the Effects of Future Threats Not Yet Known

By taking steps now to secure the virtual space in which your business operates, you'll be better prepared to face the strongest threats that have yet to be created but that are all but certain to be coming in the future. New viruses and computer exploits are constantly being invented every day by cyber criminals all over the world. The risks as they stand right now are many, but there's still no telling what the future might bring. Technology is changing so quickly at this point that in a matter of a few years, the digital security landscape might be entirely different from what it is today and could contain brand new threats and methods of dealing with them. As a business, it will be much easier to make upgrades to the security of your computer networks if you make that a priority right now. Otherwise, you'll be constantly playing catch up with the changing rate of technology.

For your business, the security of its digital world is absolutely essential for long-term growth and sustainability. By making certain your computers/networks are safe from attack, you'll be securing your customers' private data, safeguarding your reputation, protecting your bottom line, ensuring continued service to your customers, and working to minimize the threats that will likely be coming down the road. All of this will only help your business thrive, and it can all be achieved by taking computer security seriously through the use of antivirus software and professional advice from IT experts.


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