Protect Your Computer, Protect Your Life?

By: Kate Ward | September 4, 2014 (Edited July 7, 2017)

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No one knew how essential computers would be when they first were introduced. They started out as useful machines people could use at work. With the explosion of the Internet and the advancement of technology, computers have quickly turned into a life necessity. The dependency people have on their computers is astounding. Some act as though computers are an extension of their body. So what would happen if that "extension" was damaged or cut off all together?

In a recent survey, people were asked why would they consider downloading antivirus software. From their answers, insight was gained about how people felt about the necessity of their computers. In most cases, if their computers weren't running smoothly, their lives weren't running smoothly either.

The Results
The survey received 1505 responses from the question of Why would you consider downloading antivirus software? These are the following possible answer choices with their relative percentages.

  • Protect my computer from viruses and more-61.0%
  • Clean up and remove bugs-21.8%
  • Improve speed on my computer-12.4%
  • Other-4.8%

With an overwhelming response of 61.0%, people thought it was the most important to protect their computer from viruses and more. Out of the 61.0% majority, more women than men answered. In the same majority category, more responses came from rural areas as opposed to urban areas.

The Why
The results from the survey portrays a clear response. I could get nit-picky and dissect every last response and underlying detail to try to figure out why people chose they way they did. In this particular case, I do not see a point. The responses have shown an overwhelmingly simple answer. People want to protect their computers. They would use antivirus software to protect their computers, meaning any kind of assets, from viruses. They don't want something so valuable as their computer to be compromised.

I speak for myself when I say my whole life is on my computer. I have photos, passwords, documents and connect with a majority of my social life on my computer. I had an experience with a computer virus that crashed my computer and I wasn't sure if I was going to get anything on it back. My life was in limbo for those 3 minutes. A little embarrassing, right?

Unfortunately, I am not alone. I can't count the number of people who would have major life crises if their computer crashed. I was lucky and my computer restarted with ease. I don't know why it did, but I am grateful. I was not prepared in any way. Most people don't get that lucky and most people loose everything. If your computer is as important as everyone makes it out to be, than do something to protect it. Heed the advice the survey clearly spells out for you. Take precaution and get antivirus software. Make the decision now to protect your computer and so you don't have to worry when it's already too late.


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Written by Kate Ward

Kate has a degree in communications and enjoys being outdoors.

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