FBI warns of Cyber Attacks

By: Robert Siciliano | January 26, 2015 (Edited July 7, 2017)

Iran is in the news again as the bad guy-this time in the form of potential cyber attacks that the FBI is warning America's businesses about. An Iranian hacking ring has the FBI concerned that they may pounce on U.S. businesses soon. But the complex hacking organization is also bent on targeting educational institutions and defense contractors, among other entities.

A cyber security firm, says that its Operation Cleaver has discovered 50 victims spanning 16 nations, and one of those is the U.S.

In a reuters.com report, the Iranian hacking operation may be bigger than what was previously believed. A report, says Reuters, explains that the Iranian hackers usually launch an assault from two IP addresses. And though the IP addresses are in Iran, they apparently are not connected to the Tehran government. But the report states there is a connection, though Iran insists otherwise.

Reuters also adds that the FBI typically provides advisories to private industries to help thwart cyber attacks.

So you may think that Tehran is some rinky dinky little city in a backwards country, but it's powering up its hacking team, beefing it up since 2010, inspired by a cyber attack on its nuclear program. There may be a revenge element in this because it's believed that the U.S. was one of the nations behind this Stuxnet viral attack on Iran.

Experts view Iran's hackers as a serious threat, and may have already launched serious attacks whose origins have not been confirmed. In fact, a report from Bloomberg Businessweek recently pointed out the cyber attack that occurred in February this year against Las Vegas Sands Corp, a casino operator.

Thousands of servers were dismantled by malware, believed to have been unleashed by Iranian hackers-as revenge against Sands' CEO Sheldon Adelson. And his infraction? He made a comment about nuking Iran. Wow, some people must be overly sensitive.

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