British Man Hacks U.S. Federal Computer Systems

By: Amber Newby | December 13, 2013 (Edited July 7, 2017)

A man living outside of London, England was arrested this morning after being charged with hacking into U.S. Federal Government computer systems. Spanning over a year, U.S. officials claim that information was taken from various agencies including NASA and the U.S. military.

Lauri Love, 28, is responsible for hacking into U.S. government computer networks and stealing confidential information with the intent "to disrupt the operations and infrastructure of the United States government."

According to reports, Love worked with several others to hack into federal networks to steal military data and personal identifying information belonging to those serving in the military, thus creating a security issue. The three co-conspirators also believed to be involved in the case have yet to be identified.

The indictment was filed in a Newark federal court. The charges include "one count of accessing a U.S. department or agency computer without authorization and one count of conspiracy to access a government computer."

The indictment also stated that Love, along with his co-conspirators, worked from October 2012 up to this month in an effort to "scan the Internet using an automated process to identify computer systems vulnerable to cyber attacks...then plan their attacks by communicating in Internet chat rooms."

Included in the indictment document are actual conversations Love had with his co-conspirators in these online chat rooms. Investigators were able to uncover Love's intent to compromise non-public information and file charges.

The indictment further stated, "Once inside the compromised computer systems, the co-conspirators placed hidden 'shells' or 'backdoors' within the networks, which allowed the co-conspirators to return to the compromised computer systems at a later date and steal confidential data."

Once inside the databases, Love and his co-conspirators were able to leave "back doors," which allowed the group to easily obtain more illegal information quickly.

Andy Archibald, NCA spokesman, said in a statement reported by the Daily Mail, that, "This arrest [of Love] is the culmination of close joint working by the NCA, Police Scotland and our international partners. Cyber-criminals should be aware that no matter where in the world you commit cyber crime, even from remote places, you can and will be identified and held accountable for your actions. The NCA has well-developed law enforcement alliances globally and we will pursue and deal robustly with cyber-criminals."


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