An Inside Look at 'AdWare' and How Scammers Make Money With Ad-Serving Viruses


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Written by: Amber Newby | Best Company Editorial Team

Last Updated: June 26th, 2019

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Some AdWare is more tolerated than others, but most is seen as bothersome to internet users. When you access and use programs with integrated AdWare, you may notice that advertisements seem targeted or relevant to your browsing history. This is a result of AdWare, and in most cases someone is making money.

How Programs and Platforms Profit from AdWare

Facebook and other large online businesses use AdWare to offset their development costs. With the revenue that AdWare generates, the company can upgrade and maintain programs. Data gathering and storage has been used for some time to help advertisers get good value for their marketing dollars. Advertising cost and value is calculated by clicks and conversion rates.

Profiling Users to Maximize Marketing Potential

Legally used AdWare can actually be beneficial to users. Advertisements help keep apps and websites free, or at least affordable. If you're using certain apps or websites, you're always going to see ads, but at least with AdWare there's a good possibility that the ads will be relevant to you. Pop up ads are bothersome, but can be controlled with your device's privacy settings, and by using a proper security program.

How Ad-Serving Viruses Invade Our Browsers and Systems

Spam and unauthorized AdWare is where the real problem exists. Without even knowing, many people allow malicious or threatening programs to run on their devices. They are sometimes attached to software that we download for personal use, or can come through email attachments. However they make their way onto our systems, proper antivirus software can keep problematic AdWare at bay.

How Scammers Are Making Money from Malicious AdWare

Scammers and hackers are making big money from personal information and email addresses. Bothersome pop ups and advertising banners collect IP addresses and any other information you share once you click on them. Often, names and emails are gathered through these links and then sold to third-party marketers. AdWare can generate revenue for scammers with every click, and the higher the conversion rate, the more valuable AdWare becomes.

Don't Download Untrusted Content or Programs

When you're online it's possible that AdWare is attaching itself to your computer in a variety of ways. Proper antivirus programs can protect users from ad-serving viruses, but it's important to understand these viruses if you're downloading files and programs. Most operating systems will prompt users in the event that a file is untrusted. This, however, is not on its own sufficient protection for your system.

The Problems and Damage Caused by Ad-Serving Viruses

Pop ups and other ad-serving viruses slow down connections and can potentially damage your operating system. Advertising is a billion-dollar industry that drives our economy and is of real value to most companies. When scammers profit from illegally gathered information, we begin surfing into murky water as a society.

Protect your computers and devices with effective antivirus software, and cure your computer of ad-serving viruses. Enjoy the purest programs possible, and avoid being plagued by pesky pop ups. We entertain enough advertising throughout the day without supporting AdWare, so be sure to keep your devices free of ad-serving viruses that only lead to profits for scammers.

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