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Posted By: Robert Siciliano  |  May 17, 2016

Yes, believe it or not, you CAN get by in life with a wallet that just has a little cash, a store card or two, one to two credit cards and your ID. Unless you absolutely need your insurance card or Social Security card, leave those items at home. For years now, wallets have been […]

Posted By: Robert Siciliano  |  May 10, 2016

If you want to know the latest on “any topic,” just sign up for Google Alerts. Google will e-mail you notifications of new information coming online. I have Google Alerts for “Home Invasion” “Identity Theft” “Burglary” “Computer Security” and many more. So what could be so harmful about receiving alerts about topics or people who […]

Posted By: Robert Siciliano  |  May 3, 2016

It seems like there’s no end in sight for ATM skimming: A thief obtains an ATM user’s information and makes cloned ATM cards, which he then uses to steal the victim’s money. How does he get this information? From the secret card reading device called a “skimmer” he installs over the machines card slot and […]

Posted By: Robert Siciliano  |  April 25, 2016

There are so many things to consider when it’s time to purchase antivirus software, but don’t let all the options overwhelm you. Take your time and don’t get too fixated on every little detail. Some systems will definitely conform more to your needs than others. But many people simply go with what seems to be […]

Posted By: Robert Siciliano  |  April 18, 2016

What’s it gonna take for companies to crack down on their cybersecurity? What’s holding them back? Why do we keep hearing about one company data breach after another? Well, there’s just not enough IT talent going around. The irony is that most company higher-ups admit that cybersecurity is very important and can even name specific […]

Posted By: Robert Siciliano  |  April 11, 2016

Well, we certainly can’t blame Dennis Nicholl for breaking the law. Frankly, had I been nearby him when he did it, I would have kept silent and let him continue breaking the law—unless, of course, I was engaged in some loud, planet-moving discussion with a world leader. Nicholl, 63, was recently on a Chicago subway […]

Posted By: Robert Siciliano  |  April 4, 2016

How many “smart” devices do you have in your house and inside your car? I don’t mean laptops and cell phones, but anything that is connected to the Internet. This could be your thermostat, garage door opener or some components of your house security system. It could also be your vehicle’s navigation system. The more […]

Posted By: Robert Siciliano  |  March 22, 2016

The hacker specializes in tricking victims. This is called social engineering, and there are countless ways to do this. With all the cybersecurity out there always getting beefed up, how is it that data breaches keep occurring? How is it that people’s home computers keep getting infected? Because someone was tricked. At a business, it’s […]

Posted By: Robert Siciliano  |  March 15, 2016

Some people believe that monitoring your kids’ online activities crosses the line of privacy or trust. But monitoring and controlling online activities is, essentially, no different than controlling access to the cookie jar or TV or even locking a liquor cabinet. Which brings me to a way that parents can always know exactly what their […]

Posted By: Robert Siciliano  |  March 8, 2016

Once a thief knows your Social Security number . . . you’re at very high risk for having your identity stolen. A report on says that the IRS is warning of a cyber attack on its electronic filing PIN application. Thieves infiltrated it with malware in an attempt to claim other people’s refunds as […]