Ultimate Backup provides two different backup options for users. There is a free version that contains several characteristics found in efficient backup apps. There is also a Premium version available that comes with additional features that better protect your Android device.


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The Good

  • App management
  • Free version
  • Backup options
  • No root required
  • Freeze and defrost options

Ultimate Backup is probably one of the best choices for users who are concerned about the data and information associated with their apps. The tools available for app management include: app uninstaller, freeze system, app converter (converts user apps to system apps and vice versa), links apps to Google Play for automatic updates, kill and force close running apps, select apps to kill at boot, create app groups, send/share your apps, explore an app’s data and APK file, clears app data and cache, and fixes permissions on apps. Basically most of the tools and features associated with backing up and protecting your apps can be found with Ultimate Backup.

Users can download the app free of charge (if they wish) and enjoy a majority of the features included in the Ultimate Backup app. There are additional features associated the Premium app, but the free version has proven to do a good job of backing up important phone data.

The data and information stores on your phone can be backed up to Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, or another local storage without an additional fee. If you set up your own Dropbox account, you will be able to backup your Android’s data directly to it using Ultimate Backup.

The Bad

  • Limited features without root
  • Additional fee for Premium

Like most Android backup apps, Ultimate Backup can be used with either a rooted or un-rooted device. It is important to note, however, that features may be limited if a user has not rooted their device. There have also been complaints from users who do have rooted Android devices that some of the features have failed to operate correctly.

In order to get the best out of the Ultimate Backup App, users will have to pay an additional fee of $2.99 for access to the Premium version.

The Bottom Line

Like mentioned earlier, Ultimate Backup is an excellent choice for users concerned about the protection and ability to maximize use of their apps. It has some of the best resources for Android apps available. However, there are limitations associated with the protection, and if a user wants full function of the app, they will have to root their device and pay a small fee.

One feature of Ultimate Backup that is unknown is their available storage. Knowing this information could help customers make their final decision. Overall, Ultimate Backup is very affordable and offers exceptional features. They are highly recommended for your Android backup needs.

Application Features (Free Version):

  • APK installer
  • App uninstaller
  • Backup to Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, or local storage
  • Backup/testore calls, bookmarks, Wi-Fi, messages, etc.
  • Clear app data and cache
  • Convert user apps to system apps or vice versa
  • Create and restore Nandroid backups (CWMR, TWRP)
  • Create app groups and multi-select apps
  • Explore app data and APK file
  • Fix permissions (stops force closes) on apps
  • Freeze system and user apps
  • Kill or force close running applications
  • Link apps to Google Play and set automatic updates
  • Select apps to kill at boot
  • Send or share your apps
  • Task Manager
  • View application and Google Play details

Application Features (Premium):

In addition to the features found in the free version of Ultimate Backup, those who decide to purchase the Premium edition will also receive the following:

  • Advanced freezer
  • Auto backup/delete
  • Batch operations
  • Extract and advanced restore from Nandroid backups
  • Kill apps at boot
  • Remove ads
  • Restore from cloud
  • Schedule
  • Zipalign Apps
Rooted Android Devices:

*Note there may be several hidden features available for paid subscribers in addition to features listed here.

Items Available for Backup/Restore:

  • Contacts
  • SMS Messages
  • Call Log
  • Google Drive Accounts
  • Application Data
  • Bookmarks
  • Wi-Fi information
  • APK Files

Additional Information:

  • Last updated: February 14, 2014
  • Size: 6.1M
  • Requires: Android 2.2 and up
  • Installs: 100,000-500,000
  • Current Version: 3.1.2

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