With millions of downloads, Titanium Backup has become one of the most downloaded Android backup apps on the market. With nearly 50,000 reviews on their Google Play profile, Titanium Backup averaged 4.8 out of 5 stars. There is both a free and premium version of the app, with the Titanium Backup PRO Key root having more features and protection than the Titanium Backup root app.

The Good

  • Several features
  • Market Doctor tool
  • Backups
  • App service
  • Unlimited storage
  • Frequent updates

No other Android backup app has all of the features and backup abilities that Titanium Backup offers users. From typical backup/restore options to branding your own apps, Titanium backup offers the most complete Android backup service. Users can also rest assured that their data is protected because Titanium promises to protect all backed-up data against deletion.

One feature that stands out is the “Market Doctor” tool. This allows users to re-link all of their apps to the Google Play Market. If a user decides that they do not want to have all of their apps (or certain apps) linked to the Market, they can also “destroy all market links.”

Those who download the Titanium Backup app will be able to sync, backup, and restore apps, SMS, MMS, calls, and bookmarks to Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive. They will also have the option of manually backing up phone data or scheduling regular backup processes.

Titanium Backup offers a superior level of service when it comes to working with apps. There is an App freezer (which includes batch support and will freeze/defrost/launch apps in one click), as well as a converter which allows you to convert user apps to system apps and vice versa. Titanium Backup also allows users to backup, verify, and un-install apps in one shot. The Titanium Backup app is all-around simple to operate.

The Bad

  • Root required
  • Not all features are free

Users are required to root their Android device in order to use all of the features offered by Titanium backup. While it is not necessarily difficult to “root” an Android device, it will require a few extra steps before the installation process for the Titanium Backup app can begin. Some customers might consider this a burden.

In order to receive the full features and protection, users will be required to purchase the Titanium Backup PRO Key root app. There is a one-time payment for the app, which costs $6.58. Users can opt out and simply download the free version, but the level of security and the tools available are limited if accessible at all. While it is a little more expensive than other backup apps (typically $4.99), it does come with more features and tools than other backup services.

The Bottom Line

There is a reason Titanium Backup was voted the #1 Top Root App on Twitter. With unlimited storage space and the ability to backup nearly all of your data and apps, it is one backup product users will most likely not regret purchasing (or downloading for free with Titanium Backup root version). It is simple to backup and restore all data and apps located on your Android device and most actions can be done in one click.

Though some customers might not want to “root” their Android device in order to use Titanium Backup, it is one reason why the service is so comprehensive. It allows Titanium to more fully backup the device. Titanium Backup is highly recommended for your Android backup needs.

Application Features:

  • O-Click Batch Restore
  • Apps Freezer
  • Backup Apps Without Closing
  • Backup/Restore SMS, MMS, Calls, Bookmarks, Wi-Fi AP as XML
  • Backup, Verify, Un-Install in One Action
  • Batch Verification
  • Bloatware Melter
  • Brand Apps
  • Change Android ID, Restore From Backup or After Factory Reset
  • Convert App Data To/From Faster WAL DB Format
  • Convert User Apps to System Apps & Vice Versa
  • Create Custom Update.zip Containing Apps & Data
  • CSV eExport Any App DB
  • Destroy All Market Links
  • Download/Upload Backups as Single ZIP Stored on a Computer
  • Encryption
  • Freeze/Defrost/Launch Apps in One Click
  • Hypershell Speed
  • Load/Save a Filter & Use in Widgets/Schedules
  • Market “Auto Updating” Manager
  • Migrate System Data Across Different ROMs
  • Multiple Backups Per App
  • Multi-User Support For Limited Apps – Including Games
  • Protect Backup From Deletion
  • Re-Link Apps to Market
  • Restore Individual Apps & Data From Non-Root ADB, CWM, & TWRP Backups
  • Send One Click Backup 
  • Sync To/From Dropbox, Box, & Google Drive – Manual/Scheduled
  • Unlimited Schedules

Items Available for Backup:

  • Apps
  • Data
  • Market Links
  • External data on your SD card
  • SMS Messages
  • MMS Messages
  • Call Log
  • Bookmarks
  • Wi-Fi AP as XML
  • Contacts
  • Email

Additional Information:

  • Last updated: January 4, 2014
  • Size: 6.2M
  • Installs: 10,000,000-50,000,000
  • Requires: Android 1.5 and up

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  1. User Score


    October 18th, 2016 Bradenton, FL

    Titanium Backup is one of the few applications that I consider essential to install on not only my personal devices but also my corporate ones and I recommend it frequently. The developers truly got it right and its capabilities are vast and its stable, reliable and functional. The only issue I can really find is that it can be somewhat complex and you should know your way around the internals of Android and its file system before using, something that is normally recommended before using any application with root privileges anyways. The user below was attempting a type of procedure that requires understanding of the various system processes and where they actually store their data. A Google search would have been sufficient to resolve their misunderstanding and shown what the proper items to backup and restore would have been. The documentation and forums for the application itself would have contained the solutions to the issues that they were having understanding the interface. As the Mac versus PC saga has taught us and now similarly with iPhone vs Android you trade off ease of use with feature set and configurability. Bottom line is a little research goes a long way. Titanium is a top notch application albeit with a bit of a learning curve for the uninitiated.

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  2. User Score


    August 15th, 2016 Las Vegas, NV

    I got Titanium (free version for evaluation) because I was having problems with my phone T-mobile Samsung Galaxy S5, and I wanted to migrate to a new phone. But carefully!!! I got a second S5, and set it all up. I installed TB and began the process of moving data over to the new S5.
    First off, titanium won’t change the default storage location. It says it does, but then it does not save the files on the SD card like I told it to (Menu – Preferences – Storage provider: filesystem (click to change), ans set to TitaniumBackup folder on SD card.
    Second off, How do I know what to restore to get say my memo’s back? Or my home screen settings, or my wifi settings, or my call log? So I started scrolling through the massive amount of data items TB lists. I found “Call Log Backup/Restore 6.0.1. AWESOME, I looked at my call log, nothing there. I recovered the call log item. Went to my call log, still nothing. I rebooted my phone and still nothing there. This is my issue. No easy way to figure out how to restore the stuff I want, and not everything (via a batch restore). So I tried a batch restore. OH MY GAWD It wants me to approve every single app as it installs. I could have just done that manually. Why do I want to press “Install” a hundred times, once for each app? I want to set the apps in a check box menu and then walk away as it installs, not sit there for the 5 hours it takes to recover each app, waiting for me to notice I have to click install again!!! How infuriating. Guaranteed not to purchase!!!!
    THANK GAWD I was smart enough to have a second phone to try to migrate to, rather than wiping my first phone, taking 5 hours to recover and be back in the same boat.

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