Lookout Security & Antivirus is now considered to be premium protection for your Android phone. With Lookout you get security, backup, download options, and a Phone Locator all in one. TechCrunch calls it one of the "Top 10 Best Free Apps." Lookout is also available in many other languages to help assist virtually anyone. Rated in Google Play with 4.5 stars, Lookout is making a big name to be the top in it's competition.


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The Good

  • Free service
  • No root required
  • Phone data will be saved
  • App backup
  • Up to 2GB of storage

The best part of Lookout is the cost… Free.  Lookout not only covers Android backup, but they also build security technology that protects people, businesses, governments, and critical infrastructure from growing threats that exist currently. Most users love the service they receive with Lookout, claiming that it is a must have.  App runs well as promised, and doesn’t weigh heavy on your phone’s battery life either. With great performance and user experience, Lookout appears to be a top option for Android users everywhere. Many even forget the app is there, and now the Lookout app is available with a premium service too. Here are some of the great features of Lookout:

The Bad

  • Overall privacy

When it comes to downsides with Lookout, there aren’t many.  One thing to consider with Lookout is your overall privacy.  Because Lookout is there to protect so many, their privacy agreement may seem a little overbearing.  Upon install there are a number of permissions you allow access over.  Though your phone is safe, be sure to review the fine print before accepting their service.  Also upon install be sure to activate the “Device Administrator” that way you have full control over install and uninstall of the app.

The Bottom Line

All in all it makes sense why so many choose Lookout for their Android phones.  With everything you need in one place, great user experience, backup, and price… Lookout has made a big wave in phone security for Android as a whole.  Lookout also offers premium services for those interested in upgrading their security.  Initially Lookout offers a two-week free trial to use premium services, with no credit card required.

Many users have found great value in this app giving a secure reputation to their service. Another great thing to consider is their support. With great reviews across the board, Lookout makes getting answers easier than ever.  Enjoy little maintenance, and huge support from this App. Chances are you’ll be quite pleased. Laptop Magazine calls Lookout “The Best Mobile Security Solution for Android Devices.” Check them out for your backup needs.

Application Features:

  • Keeps your device safe from Viruses, Malware, and Spyware
  • Locate your phone through a Web-Based Phone Locate Feature
  • Remote Device Lock
  • Remote Anti-Theft
  • Remote Memory Wipe
  • Keep your data safe… Even from the web.
  • Network Meter
  • App Manager
  • Firewall (on rooted phones)
  • Complete control over your Android phone
  • Antivirus Engine for Complete Mobile Security
  • Privacy Report & Apps
  • SMS/Call Filtering
  • Web Shield
  • App Locking
  • Backup
  • Find My Phone
  • Control Android phone remotely
  • Locate your phone
  • SIM card change notification
  • Free Download Available

Items Available for Backup:

  • Apps
  • Data
  • Market Links
  • External data on your SD card
  • SMS Messages
  • MMS Messages
  • Call Log
  • Bookmarks
  • Wi-Fi AP as XML
  • Contacts
  • Email

Additional Information:

  • Last updated: April 3, 2014
  • Size: Varies with device
  • Installs: 50,000,000 – 100,000,000
  • Requires: Varies with device

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