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LAST UPDATED: May 19th, 2021
Holo Backup will back up and restore your precious data and files from your Android to a place of your choosing. Holo does this in a worry-free, no-hassle way that is simple for anyone to perform. With Holo, your information will be backed safely and will be easily recalled when desired. 

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The Good

  • Backups for apps, data, and texts
  • Simplicity
  • Use over Wi-Fi
  • Free service

If you are an average Android user, it's quite likely you use your device for fun, for business and for making purchases, among other things. You probably have a slew of contacts stored on your phone, along with phone data, browsing history, messages and more. And if something goes awry and your phone is lost, damaged or destroyed, you could be in big trouble if you haven't backed up your information. At the very least, you could be in for the prospect of spending a whole lot of time re-entering information and tracking down other bits and pieces of data. However, if you use Holo Backup to back up your data, you don't have to sweat a thing when it comes to your phone and the files and applications on it. Check out these tremendous benefits Holo provides and what it can back up for you: • Backs up apps. This is a huge bonus for the user. Not all storage backups have this feature, but with Holo, any app of your choosing can be backed up to the Cloud. Apps can be recalled as if accidentally deleted or lost due to damage or otherwise. This means if you favorite app somehow goes away, you've got a copy to bring right back to your phone, thanks to Holo. • Backs up phone data. This covers a lot of ground, but essentially, your contacts, browsing history and bookmarks can be backed up-and restored if necessary-by using Holo. How many times do you need to find an old phone number or email-even one sent months ago? If lost, you could be missing some useful information. But, if you call Holo to action, you can back up this key data to the Cloud and summon it when needed. • Backs up texts. Face it, most people in this day and age text, and some text a lot. Back up your texts with Holo and you can safeguard messages that could have great importance for business or personal use. No need worrying about losing an important message. • Ease and simplicity. The interface is easy for anyone to use. You don't need to call a help desk or get an IT professional to walk you through the process. Holo has been made with the common customer in mind. • No need for a rooted device. • No need for cords or wires. You can use Holo over Wi-Fi. • Holo is free.


The Bad

  • No backups for pictures, games, or music
  • Infrequent updates
  • Limited versions
  • Awkward design
  • No multi-language support
  • Only works on certain devices

Having listed what's right with Holo, it must be frankly noted that the app is not without blemishes. When deciding whether to use Holo, consider these shortcomings as well. • Does not back up pictures. Let's be honest, most Android users-and users of any smartphone-usually have a bevy of pictures on their device. These include keepsake family photos, photos from vacations or even photos of business nature. Think for second how devastating it would be to lose these precious pictures. Then, realize if something happens to your phone and the photos are lost, you could not have backed them up with Holo. • Does not back up games. Some might call them time wasters, but nevertheless, games are a significant resident of the Android. Whatever the reason people have them on their phone, not having the ability to back them up or restore them with Holo is a big roadblock to using this app. • Does not back up music. Whether for relaxation, entertainment or any other number of reasons, you likely have your set of favorite songs and playlists on your smartphone. But don't expect Holo to back up or restore them. If you phone goes kaput, say goodbye to your music. • Infrequently updated. Holo has not had an update since February 2013. That's a long time to go without improvements, enhancements and modifications, especially when one considers other competing apps have been updated within the month. • Not many versions. Some might not see this as a negative, but Holo is only on version 2.0. Not only does this show that the app is still a novice, but, similar to the point above, not much has done to freshen it up or make it more lively or dynamic. • Clunky and awkward design. The way something looks is more important to people than some thing. If something has the appearance of being clumsy or ugly, it can come off as amateurish or substandard. The look and feel of Holo simply looks tired and stale. • There is an absence of multi-language support or capabilities. • Holo only works on Android 4.0 and above. Do you have something earlier than 4.0? Sorry, you're out of luck if you want to use Holo. For a more comprehensive option, check out the top recommended backup services.


The Bottom Line

Holo brings some worth to the table: it's free, it's easy to use and it will back some desirable functions. But there are dozens of other data backup apps available that are simply better. With Holo Backup, it's what it doesn't do more than what it does do that opens the eyes. With a lack of features and a ho-hum design and look, there are certainly more appealing and desirable options out there to choose from. Take note, Holo Backup does a good job at what it does. It's fast, efficient and easy to use. But there are far too many omissions to consider it over the competition. You're best off to look elsewhere. Breakdown of Negatives:
  1. Limited Storage
  2. Infrequent Updates
  3. No Freeze/Defrost
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