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LAST UPDATED: May 19th, 2021
Easy Backup & Restore is a popular app available from Google Play. It functions to back up and restore your Android device apps including: SMS, MMS, call logs, calendars, bookmarks and contacts. The app is highly popular with its users due to its practical functionality, simple usability and intuitive interface. Users who purchase and utilize this app can back up files and data to other media, and they can do it in a hassle-free process without having to stop other applications or interrupt other functions. Users also have the convenient ability to schedule a file transfer or backup at a time they deem appropriate.  

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The Good

  • App
  • External saving options
  • Multiple devices
  • Backup data
  • Easy process
  • Schedule backup times
  • Language options
Even a cursory glance at this app's features reveals some pleasing capabilities. First, the app is easy and functional. It doesn't take an expert or a seasoned IT professional to use it to its maximum capacities. The user simply has to follow the step-by-step instructions and menu options and select the processes he or she desires. It is literally impossible to be steered in the wrong direction while going through the prompts and the clicking. Here are some of the best features of Backup Your Mobile:
  • External Saving Options: The functions allow the user to save the backup files to the destination of choice, whether it be Dropbox, Gmail, Google Drive or an SD card. You can even restore backup files with the simple click of the "Restore" button.
  • Multiple Devices. With Easy Backup & Restore, you can take information from one phone to another, which is especially helpful considering users commonly own multiple devices.
  • Backup Data. Another nice feature is the fact that you can back up so much data, including such information from calendars, contacts, call logs, dictionaries and other apps, among others.
  • Easy Process. The backup process is lighting-fast and smooth. Rarely, if ever, will users experience annoying glitches or setbacks during the process. And in the rare event there are unexpected mishaps in procedure, support is available to assist you.
  • Schedule Backup Times. Users can schedule backups for a specific, convenient time and have the assurance that the automatic process will successfully back up whatever data is desired. Schedule the backup within a few hours or days, weeks, or months in advance-whatever is best for you.
  • Language Options. Multi-language support is available for several languages, including Italian, Turkish, German, French, Persian, Russian, Danish, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese. This is especially helpful if you have business or personal contacts in these particular nations. In addition to the language support, there is also translation available for the above-mentioned languages, simplifying your need to communicate with people who speak other languages.

The Bad

  • No password protection
  • Must create new backup files
  • Only available for Android devices
  • No backup for games
While the file and data backup process is simple, fast and dependable, there is no way to password-protect the backup files. This increases the likelihood of your data being compromised, corrupted or otherwise falling into unwanted hands. It's surprising that an app of this quality has such a glaring deficiency as this. You must create new backup files and cannot built upon old or previously used ones. This is a feature that would save time and effort. As can easily be inferred by the fact it's a Google Play-offered App, Easy Backup & Restore is available only on Android devices. Easy Backup & Restore does not allow users to back up and restore games, which is a red flag deterrent for avid gamers. Reviews and opinions of Android phone users are sky high for this app. On the other hand, customers have a less favorable opinion of the way it looks on tablets. Functionality remains consistent with that of phone, however.

The Bottom Line

Unquestionably, with the amount of data and number of files users download, create, and sift through, the ability to create backups and summon information that may have been removed or deleted is a premium. Simply stated, Easy Backup & Restore is among the most reliable, efficient, trustworthy and simplistic storage backup apps on the marketplace. The app does precisely what it claims to do. It will back up just about every file and piece of data you need on your Android, and it will do quickly, easily and without any hassles. The fact that the interface and step-by-step process is simple enough for anyone should be appealing to any Android owner. Easy Backup & Restore puts the backup process in your hands-allowing you to specify where to put files and when and how to put them there. It's simply a matter of clicking a few buttons and letting the superior app do its work. All the while, the user can rest without worry, knowing the data is safely and securely backed up. This app is highly rated and reviewed, and again, it's free! This is a definite must-see and an app every Android user will want to have.
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Randal hyde Springfield, MO

Easy Backup is easy to use. When my phone crashed I was able to use this program to restore everything. I've been very happy with their service.

3 years ago

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Never finished exporting mms files to storage after allowing 20 minutes for "backing up" to complete. The bar graph disappeared after 5 imuntes and around 92% complete. In the next 13 minutes it never finished.. Price (free) is great. App itself stinks

5 years ago

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Jeannie Owens

did not care for the price or the service that I got

5 years ago