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LAST UPDATED: May 19th, 2021
CM Backup will give the user the assurance and peace of mind that crucial and useful data and information will be easily accessible and able to be recalled even if your Android device is broken, unusable or even destroyed.  

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The Good

  • Backups
  • No need for rooted device
  • Cloud integration
  • Scheduling
  • Storage
  • Ease of use
Like all apps in the file storage business, CM Backup will backup your important information, but this app will do as much, if not more than most. Check out all these functions CM will back up and restore for you to the medium of your selection: • Contacts, including avatars and birthdays • Messages (SMS, MMS, text, Hangouts) • Call logs for phone only • Photos • Web browser bookmarks • Calendars • Alarms • Dictionary One nice thing about these backups is that the user will not need a rooted device to perform the backup. Users may be concerned where the backups are going and whether they will be safe, secure and easily accessible there. No need to worry with CM Backup; it will back up everything you select to the Cloud. Want more proof that CM Backup is a top-notch selection. Here are some additional features CM Backup offers to be aware of when choosing storage backup: • Schedule backups and restores. It's a breeze to back up your information when you decide when you would like it to occur. Schedule backups and restores incrementally, by the day, week or month. • 5GB of storage is available. This should be more than ample room for users to back up contacts, pictures, messages and everything else they need. In fact, many competing storage apps don't have this much space capacity. • Ease of use. This is repeated often among competing apps, as most are user friendly. But indeed, CM Backup takes the challenges out of backing up data and makes it easy for the most IT-challenged individual. • Easy-on-the-eyes interface. Perhaps this isn't important to everyone, but looks can mean a lot. It's no different with apps. CM Backup has a pleasing look and feel. It's fresh, sleek and sharp looking. • Fast and hassle free. Everyone wants what they're looking for to be done quickly and without a hitch. CM Backup will back up and restore applications and data quickly and without interrupting other functions. The backups and restores can run in the background while you do other things. CM Backup is free with all the features described. As many competing apps in this space are free, it makes perfect sense for CM backup to offer its services at no cost as well.

The Bad

  • No game, music, or app backup
  • Upgrades cost
  • Only compatible with certain Android models
  • No multi-language support

No app is perfect, that's for certain, while some, of course, are much, much more effective, comprehensive, intuitive and of higher quality than others. With the long list of positives to be found with CM Backup, there are some aspects that raise concerns or that one must consider negative. Here are a few to name: • Does not back up or restore games. Some users might not have a problem with this deficiency, but if you are an avid gamer, this is a huge red flag and could be a deciding factor on whether to go with CM Backup. Games are among the most popular and used apps, so this omission is a significant one. • Does not back up music. Similar to the bullet point above, the inability of CM Backup to back up and restore music is a deterrent. Who doesn't have their favorite songs and playlists on their mobile device? If the unfortunate happens and your music is lost, CM Backup wouldn't have been able to save you. • Must pay for upgrades. CM Backup isn't the only app to require payment for upgrades, but this app will paint you into a corner by requiring $1.99 a month for a 20GB extension or $5.99 a month for a 1TB extension. • CM Backup will only work with Androids. If you have another smartphone, you're out of luck with app. • CM Backup doesn't work with Android models before 2.3. If yours is an older model, you'll have to select a different file storage app. • CM Backup doesn't have multi-language support or functionality, which is a tremendous negative for speakers of other languages. This glaring negative is a huge limitation on this otherwise solid tool. • The app is still on a subset of version 1, giving the inference that CM Backup still has some bugs to work out and move through. • Backup and restore speeds is good, but it is definitely not the fastest among storage data apps. If this is a make or break issue, CM Backup is probably not the wisest selection for you. • CM Backup does not back up apps and their associated data.


The Bottom Line

If reading through the negatives of this app scares a prospective user away, perhaps take a deep breath and an objective look at the facts. The pros definitely outweigh the cons when it comes to CM Backup. While the app does lack some crucial functions and data it potential could back up but doesn't, what this app can do trumps what it can't. And the ease of use and simplistic interface is appealing to anyone. When it comes to storage, few apps of this nature can match what CM Backup offers. At 5.1 GB of storage, there's ample space to back up and restore whatever you need, and more. You won't be disappointed with this feature, nor with the performance and overall capabilities. When figuring in value, functions and dependability, CM Backup is a sure bet. There are many apps in this realm to choose from, but CM Backup should be near the top of your wish list.

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9 Reviews

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Anna Bonis

I am not happy with this product. I used it to copy my contacts so I can do a phone wipeout. I have all numbers in the cloud but unable to restore it. I tried for weeks. It either didn't appear on my phone, then it mixed up names and numbers (very embarrassing to communicate with the wrong persons!). Then it didn't let me try and restore again, it said I already have more data on my phone. So I needed to wipeout my phone again, now some numbers appear in my contact list but only half of it, randomly. If I need to call, I need to go to the cloud, but when I get a call I don't know who is calling. I wrote to them 3 times, no help. At the end I will need to type all numbers in one by one. At least, it is in the cloud, not completely lost. Maybe it is something about the compatibility with my phone, but there must be a solution. I waited with the review for weeks as I hoped they can solve it, but as they didn't, I must rate it.

5 years ago

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Wendy Frederick Miami, FL

Good app!! ... My only complaint is that it doesn't back up any photos you have on the chip, just on the phone ... if you loose the phone or it gets stolen your photos, on the chip, in the phone still go bye-bye!!

5 years ago

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The app is shutting down. No notice, discussion, other than, we are shutting down get you stuff off by 2017/10/01. of lose your data. It is -now- apparent that this is an off shore app, because of the wording of the shut down. Thankfully, I do/did not have much on it that was not also backed up elsewhere. I guess they did not make the millions they thought they would make. LoL

4 years ago

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Peter Lynch

I have used CM for over a year now. Seems to back up most items... EXCEPT.. photos are stuck at same number since Sept 2016... I have submitted feedback asking for help.. 17 TIMES.. And to date.. NO REPLY. Although every time it says.. "Thanks, we will get back to you shortly".. Wonder what is their definition of shortly? Still have no idea why no photos backed up in last 5 months.. Will keep trying to get someone to reply.

5 years ago

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Tom Bartoffy

Backs up all my stuff but I can not access it from my PC. After I sign in, there's a posting at the bottom that I have used 707 Mb but all three folders show as empty. My phone says I have 707 Mb uploaded, but where is it? There is no FAQ, Contact Us, or Help button anywhere on the page, so Customer Service seems to be MIA. Very dissatisfied with this app.

5 years ago

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Ronald LaTray

No way to pay other than PayPal and I despise that. They use to do credit card but not anymore. Im not happy. I could use this as its excellent for me but without more storage that I can purchase with my credit card, then I can't move forward. I'm not allowed to pay through PayPal for a foreign service so this is a big ZERO for cm backup.

5 years ago

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Douglas Johnson Smiths Station, AL

Lost my data, ZERO customer service. Backup was awesome but it won't let me restore my data. Cannot get ANY reply for help!

5 years ago

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Had a cheetah cubot all photos saved to cloud. Phone damaged now cant restore photos gutted!!!

4 years ago

star star star star_border star_border

Tony D. Boca Raton, FL

It's clean and easy to use, and they give you 5GB for free!

6 years ago