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LAST UPDATED: June 9th, 2022

Backup Your Mobile is an application for Android devices that backs up and restores your important data and information. This most useful app will back up a number of tools and applications on your Android, including contacts, SMSes, MMSes, Call logs, System settings, Secure system settings, Wifi passwords, User dictionary, APNs, Calendar events, User applications, Bookmarks and browser history. This is an impressive list, and this app has the ability to back up and restore more applications than many available alternatives. 

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The Good

  • Contact backup
  • Call log backup
  • Browser history and bookmark backup
  • Data backup
  • Transfers
  • Scheduling

With Backup Your Mobile, you have more choices than most apps will offer. Think of how annoying or nerve-racking it would be if something happened on your Android and all your contacts-business, personal and otherwise-disappeared. Think of all the phone numbers and email addresses that you would now have to track down and re-enter manually into your device. No worries: Backup Your Mobile removes this annoying and time-consuming process by backing up each and every contact you have in your book. Another exciting and useful capability this app can boast is the ability to back up call logs. This not-always-seen feature is music to the ears of users who, for a variety of reasons, need the convenience of accessing previously made calls. If something happens to your phone, these call logs could disappear and you might lose record of an important call. But Backup Your Mobile will save these logs and put them in the file storage of your choosing, letting you revisit a call you made or an email you sent in the recent or not-so-recent past. Users of this popular app can also back up browser history and bookmarks. Most people have no doubt inadvertently deleted a favorite website from their bookmarks or accidentally deleted their browser history, only to later discover they wanted quickly and effortlessly revisit that site. Now, with Backup Your Mobile, you can ensure that this information is copied, safe and secure elsewhere. Likewise, your Android calendars and dictionaries can be backed up, meaning a damaged or lost phone won't mean forgotten appointments. With rooted devices, users can also back up and restore applications data, Wi-Fi passwords and secure systems settings. Need to recall text messages or multimedia messages? No problem. Backup Your Mobile can save this information and back it up to another medium so that you'll always have this information, even if your phone dies or is damaged. So where will the backups go? Again, that's the user's choice, and Backup Your Mobile offers great file storage media. When a backup is created, users can elect to send the information to Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive-all of which are reliable options. Users may also transfer data from one mobile device to another. Users can schedule backups and restores, or they can go with automatic backups. Again, the choice is in the hands of the user.


The Bad

  • No multi-language support
  • Relatively new
  • Only compatible with certain Android models
  • Limited storage

Backup Your Mobile offers a long list of great features, but they still have room for improvement. Here are some examples:

    • Unfortunately, multi-language support and capabilities are not available with Backup Your Mobile. This is a somewhat surprising omission, as more and more business contacts and dealings are done with speakers of other languages.
    • The app is relatively new, as it is currently on version 1.8.06. This isn't necessarily a horribly negative aspect of the app, but it does signify that it's still in its infancy and might still have some bugs to be worked out.
    • Backup Your Mobile won't work on all Androids-just 2.3 and up.
    • Backup Your Mobile has storage capabilities up to 4.1MB. This is very small, compared to many services that offer unlimited storage.

The Bottom Line

You'd be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't own a smartphone of some kind, and many of these owners have a massive amount of information on their devices that they would consider to be precious. Losing such information would be annoying in the least and at the most, devastating. With Backup Your Mobile, Android users have the ability to back up more information to safe and secure locations than many competing apps on the market. Backup Your mobile is easy to use, fast and efficient. It's reliable and effective, too, with a virtual absence of glitches and shortcomings. Everyone should back up their data, and Backup Your Mobile does this better than most. This is definitely an app you should try out. It won't cost you a dime, and the peace of mind you'll have knowing your information won't be lost in the event your device is rendered unusable is priceless. If storage availability and freeze/defrost options are not important to you, then Backup Your Mobile will be a great backup service.
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Crystal Connell Denver, CO

I’ve used this service for my android phone and it’s easy to backup it does it automatically and it’s easy to locate and even restore if need be

2 weeks ago

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billy fish

I've used this on dozens of mobiles for years now, and found it to be great software. I like the fact that its backups can easily be copied/pasted around too, to make sure your backups aren't hidden inside 'just' your phone. It also works on most tablets too, not just mobiles. On a tablet, you can still backup system settings, apps and other settings, obviously not calls and txts (unless you have a mobile one of course). The review here is terrible, as it lists bad points that indicate the reviewer has never used it and has less than minimal knowledge of Android. Who on earth could say that being Only Compatible With Andorid 2.3 and above, is a bad point LoL. Even android 4 is too old to be used for anything now. Although great at what it does, I'd say it's not a super-simple app to use. The menu is a little confusing (not to me, but it confuses customers I show it to - it tries to trick you into pressing wrong buttons to access downloads and possible Internet pop-ups/installers etc. The author seems to want you to download his/her games too by using a confusing menu system, but there's only been the same 2 games for 5 years at least and neither have anything to do with backups :) Despite any odd points, it is good software, it does what it should, lets you select 'exactly' what you want to backup by simply ticking boxes (apps, settings, txts, calls or any combination of anything), and provides a great secure way to keep things safe, but..... The menu all needs tidying up, it looks like it was thrown together in a weekend. When backing up, it should have a Browse For Backups ability - essential for finding backups on SD or other places in memory. It needs to make it clear with Cloud backups, that it isn't going to read your messages etc. It sounds creepy that it says it will have full access, yet has no legal explanation of how that means - this is a MASSIVE security issue for many users - all it takes is a thing saying "We won't access anything really" At version 1.8 which is stated here as being 'new', what the reviewer has totally missed is, unless you're a programmer, or unless you know exactly the numbering system used in app releases, you have nooooo way of knowing how many releases there have been or how long it's taken. Even at version 1.1, a programmer may have written 20 or more versions of an app - it's a personal thing, not a standardised code across apps so others know. i've programmed and tutored software since 1979, and the numbers only matter to the programmer in reality.

3 years ago

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Katlyn Hockman Houston, TX

Everytime I've switched to a new android backup your mobile has always helped me in retaining all of my old info. The only downfall is that it can be a little time consuming.

2 years ago


Review Source

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Katie Lewis Eagle Mountain, UT

Omg I love this service! It was so easy to download and back up everything. Anyone would be able to do it

1 year ago