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With many Android backup apps available today, Avast is not only free to Android users, but it also has an overall detection rate of 99.6%. Although it's not at the top in terms of malware, extra tools that come with Avast, definitely make their software worth considering for you backup needs. One tool to consider has the capability to actually shut off your phone in the case that your phone is stolen or lost.  This way your information will remain safe on your own phone. 

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The Good

  • High detection rate
  • Backups
  • Affordable
  • No root required

Avast! is a well-known brand that is known for their security features. With a detection rate of 99.6% you can be sure that Avast! will do a good job protecting your phone. On top of that Avast! Mobile Backup & Restore has been awarded a 4.4 stars (out of 5) in Google Play.

Avast! includes features to backup your phone data, applications, and communications. The price ranges from free to $1.99 and includes plenty of features to appease any Android user. The various tools are not only affordable but also very comprehensive.

The Bad

  • Possible paid version
  • Bugs
  • Unknown storage

Avast! Mobile Backup & Restore will not always be free, there is discussion that they will release a paid version in the future. It has been said that the paid version will not interrupt the free version. But current Avast! users should keep an eye out just in case.

Users say that some of the tools function with several bugs. Others have stated issues with the software and larger files. So to be safe be sure your device typically works well with Mobile Backup & Restore before making the decision to use their software.

Storage for Avast! is unknown. Storage is a major feature for Android Backup services and some users will need more while others do not. It is important to know what storage options you have before purchasing a backup service.

The Bottom Line

So all in all Avast! Mobile Backup & Restore is definitely a reputable choice for a great price.  Though there may be some downside with using tools, the Mobile Backup & Restore software package comes loaded not only with backup, but many tools to keep your Android phone safe and secure.

With updates always changing be sure to keep up to date with what software you are currently running on  your phone. Also be sure to monitor changes the software may show in your daily battery life, chances are you could be finding this as a result of Mobile Backup & Restore tools running on your phone. So with these things in mind, if your looking for backup at no cost, Mobile Backup & Restore is a great option for you!

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