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LAST UPDATED: November 29th, 2021

Evermore Park is an amusement park located in Pleasant Grove, Utah. The park is meant to be an immersive experience, with buildings and costumed actors that evoke a medieval fantasy world. Ken Bretschneider founded Evermore and funded it with much of his own money.

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The Good

  • Unique Experience
  • Seasonal Events
  • Admission Pricing
  • Select Free Admission

Unique Experience

Evermore Park is unique among other amusement parks; it has been described as more of a theatrical experience than a theme park. The main attraction is not rides, but rather interacting with the park and the actors inside it. Park guests can interact with Evermore’s actors and learn their characters’ backstories and receive quests. There are few other similar amusement parks that provide similar experiences.

Seasonal Events

Evermore Park offers seasonal events throughout the year, so the guest experience stays new and fresh. Evermore Park hosts Mythos, a mythological fair, in the summer; Lore, a haunted festival, in the fall; and Aurora, a Christmas celebration, in the late fall and winter. Each comes with new creatures, quests, and activities to enjoy.

Admission Pricing

Admission to Evermore Park is relatively inexpensive, compared to other amusement parks. 

Children under 5 get into Evermore Park for free. Tickets for children 6 to 11 years old cost $14 online or $16 at the gate, while tickets for those 12 and older cost $19 online or $21 at the gate. In comparison, tickets to Disneyland start at $100+ per day.

Select Free Admission

Evermore Park offers free admission on select Saturdays in the spring and summer. 


The Bad

  • Limited Hours
  • Rides
  • Activity Pricing

Limited Hours

Evermore Park is only open on select days for limited hours, as listed on the park’s website. The park is typically open on Friday and Saturday nights from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. This limits the park’s typical open hours to about eight per week.


The Evermore Express, a train ride, is the only ride available at Evermore Park. 

Activity Pricing

While admission to Evermore Park is comparatively inexpensive, many activities at Evermore are only available after paying an additional fee. For example, rides on the Evermore Express cost an additional $3 per person per ride.


The Bottom Line

Evermore Park offers a unique experience where guests interact with costumed actors and embark on quests. 

Tickets to Evermore Park are a fraction of the price of tickets to other parks such as Disneyland, and children under 5 get free admission. There are even certain Saturdays in the spring and summer when guests can attend Evermore Park for free. Unfortunately, park activities such as riding the Evermore Express and ice skating cost an additional fee. 

Evermore Park offers three seasonal events throughout the year that vary up the guest experience. 

The park is open on limited days throughout the month, and for limited hours. On many weeks, Evermore is only open on Friday and Saturday night between 6 and 10 p.m. This significantly limits the times guests can visit the park.

Evermore also only has one ride, the Evermore Express. Thrill seekers would likely be better served by an amusement park that offers more rides.

On the other hand, for those looking for an immersive experience, and especially those who want to do something unique, Evermore Park is a great option.

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