Utah Addiction Centers is located in Eagle Mountain, Utah and offers inpatient, outpatient and family therapy for those affected by alcohol, drug, sexual or pornography addictions. This facility offers several programs and boasts a 97% success rate – and at less than half of the cost of many other centers. Additionally, the center is small and offers partial scholarships and a sliding scale for those in need.


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The Good

Intervention services are offered free of charge and same-day tours and admissions are possible, as long as space permits.

The programs which are offered by Utah Addiction Centers are especially designed for those with a dual diagnosis. They include:

  • Primary Care: Consists of the first 30-days in treatment. This is the time to obtain psychological testing, stabilize, develop awareness and create a plan.
  • Extended Care: Following primary care, this level of care continues to address deep-seated problems and finalizes residential treatment as the process of stepping down into outpatient and aftercare. Length of stay is determined by individual need.
  • Aftercare: Aftercare is fundamental in creating life-long recovery and wellness. Individuals are encouraged to actively participate in at least 12 months of aftercare which includes alumni support groups, anytime group sessions for life (no additional charge to Utah Addiction Centers™ alumni), individual therapy with the primary therapist for the first year, and random drug screens to sustain compliance and accountability.

12-Step program assistance is available, both LDS-based and non-LDS based.

The center offers a list of items which they suggest that clients bring to rehab, such as:

  • Prescription medications – at least 2-weeks supply, written prescriptions must accompany all samples (Medications may be verified with prescribing physician at time of admission).
  • Over the counter medications
  • Music Players (may not have phone, internet, or camera capabilities)
  • Appropriate books
  • Musical instruments
  • Blanket, linens or pillow (these are provided if needed)
  • Pictures
  • Exercise clothing and gym shoes
  • Weather appropriate clothing (Including shoes/boots for the horse pasture)
  • Toiletries (all toiletries w/ any type of alcohol will be lock-up)
  • Razors and more.

The Bad

The Utah Addiction Center is small and less expensive than other programs. The center does not have an onsite chef, and clients take turns cooking meals for each other, family style. This center is not as posh and high-brow as other centers, so for those looking for a 5-star resort feel for their rehab, it is not a good fit.

Those looking for a strictly medical approach or on-site medical personnel will not find it at the Utah Addiction Centers.

The Bottom Line

There are few programs which can rival the success percentage (97%) or dedication to aftercare like the Utah Addiction Centers. The facility, while not a 5-star resort is nice and has a family atmosphere.

For those needing assistance with an intervention or immediate assistance, they are able to do both, in many cases, same day. While they accept most insurances, they also have partial scholarships and a sliding scale. Alumni are eligible to participate in treatment for a full year past their graduation.

At a price tag which starts at $13,000 for a month, Utah Addiction Centers has an effective program which is affordable and fully recommended.

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    August 10th, 2015 Charlotte, NC

    If you are looking for help for you or a family member, do yourself a favor and look for another facility. For the last 2 years I have been fighting a battle with this facility. My husband ended up here for one month, this facility refused to give us a price for the 30 day treatment, after a lot back and forth they provided a contract telling us that they were only charging $20,000 for the 30 days but then turned around and charged our insurance around $100,000 for a month of treatment. My insurance paid them over $60,000 for 30 days of service. They were charging the insurance for days that my husband wasn’t there, we were able to stop the payment of those claims right on time before they got paid. The treatment provided was not worth $20,000. My husband was used as manual labor to move furniture around when they had to move stuff from one room to another. The treatment he received was not good at all. These people take advantage of families when families are in a very vulnerable situation. The whole time while they didn’t want to give us the price for the treatment, they kept pretending that they care, they kept saying that they were going to provide us with a scholarship and that they were losing money buy trying to give us a break, etc, etc, only to realize that the whole time they wanted to keep my husband there because they were going to get a very hefty payment for a service that was not really worth it.
    I have proof of all this I’m typing, so please, please look somewhere else. You don’t want to buy yourself a problem by bringing a family member to this facility.

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