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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

Utah Addiction Centers is accredited by The Joint Commission's Gold Seal of Approval for healthcare facilities and specializes in alcohol abuse recovery as well as numerous other addictions. Based in a semi-rural area, Utah Addiction Centers provides a combination of isolation and community for its patients as they undergo personalized alcohol abuse treatment. With a holistic approach to therapy, Utah Addiction Centers focuses on treating the mind, the body, the spirit, and provide hope for recovery.

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The Good

  • Personalized, Holistic Approach
  • Patient Testimonials
  • Funding Options

Personalized, Holistic Approach

Utah Addictions Centers approaches treatment for alcohol abuse in a personalized and holistic way. They utilize the traditional 12-step model as well as a combination of psychotherapy and medical services. The treatment center's focus is on emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. Treatment begins with 30-days of Primary Care, during which psychological and physical testing occurs, detoxification takes place, and a personalized plan is created. Following the Primary Care phase, the patient will enter Extended Care, which is when the deep-seated problems will be addressed and the patient will be prepared for outpatient care as well as aftercare. The length of stay differs on a case-by-case basis. Additionally, one type of treatment offered at Utah Addiction Centers is Equine Therapy. This type of assisted psychotherapy allows a patient to interact with a trained horse and build a relationship that promotes physical, occupational, and emotional growth.

Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials are available directly on the Utah Addiction Center's website, with first names provided to allow for relative patient anonymity. These testimonials provide further insight into the treatment programs offered by Utah Addiction Centers and the patient experience, which is a lot more than many similar alcohol treatment facilities that only provide commentary from staff members.

Funding Options

Alcohol abuse treatment at Utah Addiction Centers is one of the most affordable in the nation. And while they do not post their costs, with Utah's low cost of living and the facility's modest appearance, patients are able to receive treatment at an affordable price. The center also states that it has possible funding options, partial scholarships, and accepts most insurance plans.


The Bad

  • Unprofessional Appearance
  • Unsubstantiated Statistics
  • Limited One-on-One Treatment

Unprofessional Appearance

Utah Addiction Centers is located in an emerging suburban neighborhood located in a semi-rural community. The facility itself is simply a home located in a subdivision. And while this may provide a more homey feel and promote a sense of community and togetherness, it does not offer many of the same on-site amenities that other similar facilities do. In addition to the facility being located at a home in a subdivision, the facility website is riddled with typographical errors, misspellings, and broken links, adding to the unprofessional appearance of the treatment center.

Unsubstantiated Statistics

With a "97% success rate" using "cutting edge methods," Utah Addiction Centers seems like a great option for patients suffering from alcohol abuse. These claims/statistics, which may be accurate, are, however, not substantiated with backing data, studies, or even framing language defining what success is or how long sobriety must last to be considered a success. Additionally, there is a glaring lack of information on the cutting edge methods that they use, rather much of this is left up to one's own extrapolation of the information provided. It does appear that Equine Therapy may be one of these techniques, and it does offer a perk that many similar treatment facilities do not have.

Limited One-on-One Treatment

At Utah Addiction Centers, the average patient will receive the following treatments each week:

  • 9 mental health therapy groups
  • 9 behavioral process groups
  • 23 education groups
  • 1 to 3 one-on-one sessions

This limited use of one-on-one treatment detracts from the overarching premise of the claimed individualized treatment as seen in the pros section. And while patients are able to participate in variable activities of their choosing or on a needs basis during the week, this does not always outweigh the lack of one-on-one care from the therapists and medical professionals.


The Bottom Line

Utah Addiction Centers can be a great choice for alcohol abuse patients who are looking for a semi-rural facility that is more affordable than most similar facilities. Don't expect many one-on-one sessions, but rather a patient's stay will be more focused on group sessions and activities. Additionally, with the offering of Equine Therapy, this can be a horse lover's dream on their path to recovery from alcohol abuse.

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Patricia M. Beaumont Charlotte, NC

If you are looking for help for you or a family member, do yourself a favor and look for another facility. For the last 2 years I have been fighting a battle with this facility. My husband ended up here for one month, this facility refused to give us a price for the 30 day treatment, after a lot back and forth they provided a contract telling us that they were only charging $20,000 for the 30 days but then turned around and charged our insurance around $100,000 for a month of treatment. My insurance paid them over $60,000 for 30 days of service. They were charging the insurance for days that my husband wasn't there, we were able to stop the payment of those claims right on time before they got paid. The treatment provided was not worth $20,000. My husband was used as manual labor to move furniture around when they had to move stuff from one room to another. The treatment he received was not good at all. These people take advantage of families when families are in a very vulnerable situation. The whole time while they didn't want to give us the price for the treatment, they kept pretending that they care, they kept saying that they were going to provide us with a scholarship and that they were losing money buy trying to give us a break, etc, etc, only to realize that the whole time they wanted to keep my husband there because they were going to get a very hefty payment for a service that was not really worth it. I have proof of all this I'm typing, so please, please look somewhere else. You don't want to buy yourself a problem by bringing a family member to this facility.

6 years ago

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