The Recovery Place has been in business since 2007. Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the company actually has several locations around the US. They may be newer than other rehab facilities but nonetheless have much to offer their patients. The programs at the Recovery Place treat both alcohol and drug addictions, as well as co-occurring disorders such as mental health issues should that be necessary. There are both inpatient and outpatient treatments available, as the company strives to make your treatment most fitting to your needs. Should you need to get away from the distractions and prefer inpatient treatment, a resident living is available, or if you need to tend to some of life’s responsibilities while undergoing treatment, then their outpatient program is there too. These programs are driven by the idea that an addiction is a disease, not a choice. While the term disease admittedly has negative connotations, this does imply that an addiction can be temporary and can be healed. Recovery, then, involves the whole body and the mind. At the Recovery Place, patients’ whole selves are treated so they can become whole once again.


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The Good

This company makes it so easy to contact them for information. Their website is intuitive, and they offer phone numbers, live chat, and email for inquiries that might not be answered online. Easy access to information like this can be crucial in your experience with a rehab facility.

Beyond communication, though, the Recovery Place has a lot of attractive program features:

  • An option for a Christian-based program. The main programs here don’t have to involve a religious aspect, but for patients who would prefer to go through a program that is religious, there’s a Christian option at the Recovery Place. This is unique among many other rehab facilities in that this company has taken the initiative to provide an all-out Christian-based methodology and activities that allow patients to express their religious selves and heal using religious tools. It’s refreshing in a lot of ways for a facility to provide this option, particularly for patients who believe that healing the whole self is a sacred, religious endeavor.
  • Training for clients. As a patient here, you have access to so many resources. Addictions are triggered by a wide variety of things—stress, family issues, mental health struggles, communication barriers, poor health, you name it. At the Recovery Place, you essentially learn how to take these triggers and turn them around—to deal with them, if you must, in a positive way rather than turning to substances. These trainings include but are not limited to stress management, healthy living training, learning how to communicate, music therapy, living with a balance, and relapse prevention. In addition, there’s an emphasis on Brené Brown’s shame resilience philosophies—ideas that help you embrace who you truly are and handle shame in a constructive, positive way.
  • Aftercare program. Once you complete treatment at the Recovery Place, you will still enjoy continued support from the facility. Because the programs are based off of the 12-step process, you can be connected with a sponsor, which can help with accountability. In addition, there are flexible time frames for how long you go through aftercare, and there are options like sober living if you need it. What’s more, the aftercare here is free of charge. Can’t get much better than that.

Evidenced by the many resources it offers, the professionals at the Recovery Place truly do want patients to succeed and to rebuild their lives for good.

The Bad

There’s admittedly not a lot to complain about with this company. Their location could be a potential limitation, as their main facility is in Fort Lauderdale. If you live elsewhere and need either outpatient services or would rather not travel, this facility isn’t at all doable. However, there are other locations around the US that might be more convenient for you.

That aside, the following features might be more significant in your decision to work with this company:

  • Time in business. Eight years is no small feat, especially in today’s economy. But that doesn’t change the fact that the Recovery Place has only been in business since 2007, which makes them much less experienced than at least several other rehab facilities around the US. A relatively new competitor in this industry, they just don’t have as much experience as companies who have been around since the ’80s and beyond, so they might not have as firm a grasp on what patients need and how to handle long-term care with alumni.
  • Location of detoxification. Depending on the location you work with through the Recovery Place, your detoxification process will not necessarily occur at the same place where you go through the rest of rehab. For some facilities, they connect you with an associated but nonetheless separate center to become stabilized. This could be a deterrent, as you have to travel between phases and get used to the staff at two different facilities.
  • A 12-step foundation. If you don’t want a Christian-based program and have not had success with the 12-step methodology, you probably wouldn’t like the programs at the Recovery Place. Their programs are founded on the 12-step process, so you might feel limited or even discouraged by this because it has not worked well in the past.

The cons of this company will affect you more if your preferences don’t line up with their foundation, location, or experience. Should you prefer a facility with a more extensive background or a different methodology, then the company history and 12-step foundation won’t serve you well at all here. In these respects, the Recovery Place cannot please all types of clients.

The Bottom Line

Truly, there is little to complain about with this company, but again, it is not recommended for customers looking for a more experienced facility or for a program that does incorporate the 12 steps. In addition, if you want a guarantee that your detox will occur at the same place your treatment occurs, you will need to double-check about that with the facility you choose if you do work with the Recovery Place.

If the logistics meet your needs, then this company has very helpful resources, a flexible time frame for your recovery, and the hopeful idea that an addiction can be healed. Whether you need an outpatient program, residential treatment, a young adult program, or even a Christian one, this company has them all.

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