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The Ranch is a rehabilitation treatment center based in Tennessee. Its certified staff specializes in trauma, substance abuse, co-occurring disorders and more. The overall goal of treatment provided through staff at the Ranch is working toward "whole-person healing" tailored to meet the needs of each individual receiving treatment.

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The Good

  • Accredited by JCAHO
  • On-site detox 
  • Offers group-specific therapy
  • Provides aftercare services

Accredited through JCAHO

The ranch is accredited through the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. Its staff includes a team of certified therapists, nurses, and others who work together to carry out each treatment plan. Its staff focuses on "experiential, evidence based, and trauma focused" treatment to deliver the appropriate care each individual in their program needs.

Provides On-Site Detox

The Ranch provides medically monitored alcohol detox. The process includes evidence based withdrawal medications along with holistic approaches to begin the recovery process. Residents are monitored 24/7 by nursing staff as well as physicians and psychiatrists to ensure they receive appropriate help with managing the symptoms of detox and beginning the recovery process.

Offers Group-Specific Therapy

Each drug and alcohol treatment provided by the Ranch is catered to meet individual needs. Treatment may include family therapy, addiction education, 12-step approaches as well as 12-step alternatives, spiritual exploration, trauma focused therapies, adventure therapies (such as ropes course, zipline, etc.), and a variety of groups to choose from. Some groups offered through the Ranch include gender specific groups, spiritual groups, and mindfulness practices groups.

Provides Aftercare Services

The Ranch provides Alumni services for continued recovery after initial treatment. Alumni coordinators work closely with the Ranch alumni to provide the additional support needed to continue recovery. The alumni program involves regular calls, emails, and letter from alumni coordinators; guest speaker throughout the year focusing on recovery topics; connections with other alumni throughout the country; addiction education groups; nationwide meetings and events; and support for family members through alumni coordinators.

The Bad

  • Lack of pricing specifics
  • No Outpatient Program

Lack of Pricing Specifics

The Ranch does not provide any information regarding specific costs associated with treatment. This may be because costs can vary based on the specific treatment options selected for a particular client. The Ranch focuses on utilizing insurance first and and dealing with cost on an individual basis. Potential residents who would like more specific pricing information should contact the ranch directly for treatment options.

No Outpatient Program

The Ranch admits individuals no matter where they may be on the path to recovery. The onsite help offered by the Ranch is comprehensive, but it does not provide outpatient services prior to becoming a member of its alumni program. Some individuals may prefer to receive treatment while remaining at home for the added support of friends and family remaining close. Individuals who would prefer this course of treatment will need to obtain go through a different rehabilitation facility.

The Bottom Line

The Ranch offers treatment provided by a certified staff for individuals who prefer an inpatient course of treatment. Treatment is tailored to fit individual needs and closely monitored by the Ranch staff. Clients can benefit from the group specific treatment options as well as different treatment paths it provides. Its attentive staff work with clients to ensure they receive continued support long after their initial treatment through the alumni program. Although The Ranch does not provide specific pricing information upfront, it does accept most PPO insurance plans which may make treatment a more affordable option.

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