The Exclusive Hawai’i has been helping their residents overcome alcohol, drug and food addictions since 2011. The staff has over 25 years of combined experience in addiction treatment. Located on the main island of Hawai’i, this secluded luxury recovery resort has it all – ocean views, top-notch living quarters, grazing horses, a caring staff, and gourmet meals to accompany the visitor on their path to healing.

The Good

The Exclusive Hawai’i offers a 12-Step alternative, with a holistic approach to healing from addition with a special focus on identifying the cause for the addiction. Dual diagnosis treatment is available. The Exclusive Hawai’i uses cutting edge techniques, such as Experiential Engagement Therapy with Core Belief Restructuring as the focus. Clients use the Socratic Method to have an inner dialogue and avoid destructive thought patterns.

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Clients may also supplement their treatment with traditional 12-Step programs, but it is not required.

Addictions treated at The Exclusive Hawai’i and a few of the methods and philosophies in treatment include (taken from The Exclusive Hawaii’s site):

  • Alcohol Rehab
  • Drug Rehab
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Eating Disorders and food addiction

Referrals are available to various medical loan providers for payment assistance for those who do not have rehabilitation coverage for their insurance or to off-set the amount which is not covered.

The Bad

Many insurance providers do not cover the full cost of treatment for rehabilitation, and The Exclusive Hawai’i is considered out of network by many, making the cost which the patient incurs higher.

Treatment at The Exclusive Hawai’i is expensive, starting at about $67,000 for a full month. This is out of reach for many.

There is little available such as a sponsor, etc. for post-treatment support.

The Bottom Line

For those who can afford the center, the approach is fresh and offers promising results, not only for dealing with the day-to-day issues of addiction and their triggers, but in helping clients with their life struggles after graduating from the program. While the lack of a sponsor may deter, ultimately the client is more empowered if they are able to work with their own weaknesses and to address their inner struggles.

This program’s price may make it out-of-reach for many, which is a shame since their program would be beneficial to many more than they can serve with their hefty price tag.

The Exclusive Hawai’i is a recommended program for their many strengths, with the understanding that their price may be prohibitive for many.

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