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The Exclusive Hawaii alcohol abuse treatment facility is located next to the Hamakua Forest Reserve on the north coast of the Island of Hawai'i. With beautiful views and amiable year-round weather, the facility is able to provide an isolated experience for its patients. It is state-accredited by both the Office of Health Care Assurance (OHCA) and the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division (ADAD) in Hawaii. With a holistic approach to treatment, The Exclusive Hawaii provides numerous treatment options for patients, allowing them to create a customized experience that best fits their needs and interests during the duration of their stay.

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The Good

  • Isolated Location
  • Holistic Approach to Treatment
  • Online Client Success Stories

Isolated Location

One of the best ways to change habits is to get away from your current routine, and this is exactly what is achieved when staying at The Exclusive Hawaii alcohol abuse recovery facility. With a beautiful backdrop to a patient's stay, the resort really does allow a patient to get away from it all.

The Exclusive Hawaii boasts a tropical scene and is located directly on the north coast of the Island of Hawai'i, or what is known as "the big island" in the chain. The 10,000 square foot private estate is a secluded site for patients to receive dedicated treatment for alcohol abuse, establish new habits, and detox in a comfortable environment.

Holistic Approach to Treatment

According to the Exclusive Hawaii, their treatment is more than just abstinence, but rather it is about healing at every level. A holistic, or whole, approach to alcohol abuse therapy is one that attacks the condition from all directions: physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, etc. At The Exclusive Hawaii, they approach treatment a number of different ways:

  • Safe Holistic Detoxification
  • Brain Healing
  • Core Belief Restructuring Methodology
  • Living from Core Essence
  • Fear Reduction and Stress Management
  • Health Integration
  • Art and Music Therapy
  • New Life Direction Program
  • Family Support

With these nine approaches to treatment, The Exclusive Hawaii provides a structured addiction treatment program that helps patients learn and master skills that aid in sustainable recovery.

Online Client Success Stories

The Exclusive Hawaii provides extensive confidential client testimonials on its website, including a combination of written and video testimonials by patient graduates. These testimonials provide not only success stories from patients, but it also provides prospective patients an insight into the facility, its approach to treatment, and personal anecdotes on the efficacy of The Exclusive Hawaii's ability to treat alcohol abuse on an individual level.

The Bad

  • Expensive Add-on Packages
  • Canned Recovery Timelines
  • Out-of-network Insurance Coverage

Expensive Add-On Packages

While the program rates for The Exclusive Hawaii are not posted on the website, it does provide pricing for its Aftercare program. Program fees for ongoing aftercare are as follows:

  • Individual Plan: $5,900
  • Couples Plan: $7,500
  • Family and Friends Plan: $8,500

And while this may be a great option for some patients, The Exclusive Hawaii's presentation of its add-on packages, program extensions, and no refund policy, provide a feeling of price gouging on all fronts.

In the "What to Bring" section on the website, two of the three main items listed are a credit or debit card and $500 in smaller denominations to use during your stay. These outrank a driver's license, insurance card, and medication on the list of what to bring.

Canned Recovery Timelines

Like many similar programs, The Exclusive Hawaii runs on 30, 60, and 90 day rotations for patients. For those wishing to extend their stay, they have similar options, but the presentation of information provided by the facility seems to want to churn people in and out, with less of a focus on patient recovery and more on the amenities and luxury accommodations.

Out-of-Network Insurance Coverage

Due to its OHCA and ADAD state accreditation, The Exclusive Hawaii addiction treatment center accepts all major PPO insurance policies. This sounds great, but they are technically an out-of-network provider, which is not always an ideal insurance situation.

The Exclusive Hawaii has insurance specialists on-hand, to assist patients with information requests and determining coverage and reimbursement rates, which can be a difficult process. Even so, payment is required upfront, with potential reimbursement by the insurance company 60-90 after treatment. With the variance in insurance plans, the requisite out-of-pocket payment, and the waiting/guessing on reimbursement rates, financing a stay with The Exclusive Hawaii may not be a stress-free venture.

The Bottom Line

For patients looking for an isolated, luxury treatment facility, The Exclusive Hawaii may fit the bill. Its location is ideal for a comfortable, stress-free experience; however, as an out-of-network insurance carrier and with canned program details, The Exclusive Hawaii may not be the right fit for everyone if finances or its systematic approach don't gel with a patient's needs.

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