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The Orchid Recovery Center is designed completely as a rehabilitation center for women. The center's philosophy includes an approach to physical, emotional, and spiritual help. Orchid is not a 12-step program, but instead uses completely unique treatment developed by Dr. Karen Dodge developed in the 1990s while she completed her doctorate in social work. Her studies concerned themselves with the mental consequences of addiction for women. Orchid's treatment philosophy is that of "relational growth" meaning that close support and reliance on a community of women is key to addiction treatment.

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The Good

  • Individualized treatment
  • Aftercare
  • Co-occurring treatment and therapy
  • Detoxification

Individualized Treatment

Orchid customizes its treatment to the individual's personal history, medical condition, and emotional needs. Treatment is centered around one-on-one therapy sessions. A focus on education between substance use and abuse focuses on potential trauma or pre-existing conditions.


Rehabilitation centers often provide aftercare programs to aid clients into their transition back into their normal lives and to provide accountability. Some centers also create a network of alumni that can connect with each other and offer support after their time at a rehabilitation facility has passed. Orchid automatically enrolls clients in both programs that meet on a weekly bases.

The two aftercare services offered are the Life Coaching Program and the Recovery Enhancement Program. Life Coaching focuses on aiding clients reach life goals through strategic planning activities. It focuses on developing plans of action through working with a life coach. Recover Enhancement is the more intensive alternative that monitors treatment compliance for those who require assistance maintaining sobriety.

Co-Occurring Treatment and Therapy

The Orchid Recovery Center's greatest focus is on individualized therapy and group support. The center specializes in uncovering and addressing previous trauma in patients that leads to substance abuse. Other program options include individual, group, and family therapy, life skills development, hormonal therapy, acupuncture, yoga, art, and music programs. Nutritional and fitness programs are also offered. Biochemical nutraceutical treatment is also offered to aid in recovery.

Medically Assisted Detoxification

Orchid's six-day in-house detoxification methods include an evaluation assessment, medication protocol, adjunctive and holistic therapy. The 6 day period may be lengthened or shortened according to the need of the patient.

The Bad

  • No payment information
  • No outpatient program
  • Few program options
  • Unclear treatment practices
  • No accreditation

No Payment Information

Orchid does not offer information about rates online. It is unclear whether insurance is accepted to aid or eliminate costs. There is no mention of insurance acceptance on the website.

No Outpatient Program

Outpatient programs are helpful for individuals whose time or commitments do not allow for full time treatment in an inpatient program. Orchid does not offer an outpatient program for such individuals.

Few Program Options

Orchid is a very specialized program that is uniquely developed; however, it does not offer 12-step or SMART-based program options. There are no programs tailored to professionals, young adults, or healthcare professionals. Though the program has a spiritual component, it is unclear whether these are Christian-based or otherwise tailored to specific faiths.

No Accreditations

There are two main, recognized rehab facility accreditations to consider when researching potential treatment centers. CARF is an international and independent nonprofit organization for health and human service providers. JCAHO or The Joint Commission, is the oldest and largest accrediting organization in domestic health care. Orchid Recovery is not accredited by either organization.

The Bottom Line

Orchid Recovery Center would be the best option for women with co-occurring disorders seeking therapy-heavy treatment. Orchid has a niche program that would be excellent for mental and emotional help, but would not suit those who prefer other types of treatment. A large inhibitor for many may also be the lack of insurance acceptance.

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