Novus Detox is a detox facility located in Florida. Its team includes medical staff who provide on site detox for alcohol, methadone, oxycodone, opiate, or benzo. Novus Detox believes its progressive detox medicine and holistic supplements restore individuals to a state of better health than they may have been before they began using making detox more effective.

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The Good

  • Accredited detox facility
    Provides on-site detox

Accredited Detox Facility

Novus Detox holds accreditation with the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). Accreditation can provide some peace of mind that the facility is meeting high standards of quality care delivery. Along with its accreditation, Novus Detox is a member of several organizations recognized by the industry such as the National Association for Addiction Treatment Providers and the National Association of Addiction Professionals.

Provides On-Site Detox

Novus Detox functions as a detox facility only. Its staff of medical professionals monitor patients 24/7 and ensure they receive the help they need throughout the detox process. Novus Detox utilizes a combination of medicine and holistic supplements to aid in the detox process. Patients are provided with IVs specifically formulated with nutrients, vitamins, amino acids as well as hydration to bring the patient back to optimal health by the time detox is completed. Detox is performed on site and monitored 24/7 by a team of medical professionals. The process can last between seven and 14 days depending on individual needs.

The Bad

  • Lack of online transparency
  • Not a rehabilitation facility
  • No group-specific programs
  • No aftercare or alumni program

Lack of Online Transparency

Novus Detox does not provide any information regarding anticipated costs for medical services. It also fails to provide specific accepted insurance information or describe its ability to work out payment plans with patients. Medical detox can be a costly process and it would provide potential patients some peace of mind if pricing or specific insurance information was provided upfront.

Not a Rehabilitation Facility

The primary purpose of Novus Detox is to get patients through the Detox process. Its philosophy is that for some patients, detox is all that may be necessary. This is especially true if there is only a physical dependency on the substance. For that reason, the length of stay at the Novus Detox center is between seven and 14 days. That is significantly less than several of the other facilities we have reviewed which average 30 or more days in duration. Potential patients need to consider their needs and goals with recovery before agreeing to services from a detox or rehabilitation center.

No Group-Specific Programs

Another potential downside to utilizing a detox specific facility is the lack of group support they will receive during treatment. Most rehabilitation centers provide group-specific programs which allow patients to meet together in gender specific, religious, or other like minded groups as they go through the treatment process. Groups provide an added measure of support both during and after the rehabilitation process. Individuals who could benefit from this type of support may achieve better results by going through a rehabilitation center versus a detox-specific facility.

No Alumni or Aftercare Program

Similar to the lack of group support during the rehabilitation process, Novus Detox does not provide any aftercare or alumni programs. Aftercare and alumni programs provide continued support after the initial rehabilitation and detox process. Continued communication with a support group can be vital to the continued recovery of many dealing with alcohol addiction. Individuals who could benefit from continued support after the initial detox process may want to consider a different rehabilitation facility.

The Bottom Line

Novus Detox is providing individuals with progressive medical detox practices. Its facility is equipped with certified staff who work toward getting patients to a healthier state during detox by providing necessary vitamins and minerals depleted by alcohol use as well as medicine and holistic supplements to curb detox side effects. Novus Detox is a detox only facility. Several services provided by a rehabilitation facility are missing from the Novus Detox platform including therapy, group specific therapy programs, and aftercare follow up.

Patients who are dealing primarily with physical dependence on alcohol may benefit the most from Novus Detox services; individuals who are in need of a rehabilitation program should not plan to utilize Novus Detox as a rehabilitation facility.

More Information

Accepted Insurance Providers

Novus Detox does not provide specific insurance or payment information on its website. It does list a few insurance carriers that it may accept for treatment. Insurance providers include the following:

  • Empire Bluecross Blueshield
  • Cigna
  • PCIP
  • Aetna
  • United Healthcare
  • Value Options

Potential patients should contact Novus Detox directly for specific pricing information and a complete list of accepted insurance.

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