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Hotel California By the Sea is located in Newport Beach, California. The treatment facility has some unique traits, including focusing its programs on men, women and young adults as individual groups. The facility will also customize its programs for you according to your needs. Hotel California By the Sea also strives to help its patients understand why they have abused alcohol and what has led them to this addiction.

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The Good

  • Inpatient and outpatient services
  • Private rooms
  • Credentialed staff

Inpatient and Outpatient Services

You or your loved one may respond much better to a 30-, 60- or 90-day stay at Hotel California By the Sea, or you or this person may be better off using the center's outpatient program. Either way, Hotel California By the Sea has you covered. The center offers both options to patients. Both focus on the individual and devise treatments around the patient. Plus, for those who have struggled with alcoholism, there is an excellent detox program.

Private Rooms

While group therapy is important for any rehab program, it's also vital for patients to have adequate privacy. You'll find this at Hotel California By the Sea with beautiful private quarters where patients can relax and take the time for themselves that they need to recover from their addiction. The private rooms also resemble those you'd find at a luxurious resort, helping deliver a calm, peaceful feeling.

Credentialed Staff

When you head off to a treatment facility for your alcohol addiction, or when you send your loved one to such a place, you need to trust that the staff is filled with skilled, licensed professionals who will address your needs on all levels. Hotel California By the Sea has licensed physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, clinicians, addiction counselors, dietitians, and even massage therapists and tai chi instructors.

The Bad

  • Electronics restrictions
  • Lack of admissions information
  • Low staff-to-patient ratio

Electronic Restrictions

Hotel California By the Sea patients may bring their electronic devices with them to the center; however, the staff will determine how much, if at all, patients may use them. These decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. If having this access is important to you, then you might be advised to go elsewhere for your treatment. Some patients may feel stifled or not feel as though they are being treated as adults if they are not allowed to have tablets or phones. This is an important consideration for you to make when decide on a treatment facility.

Lack of Admissions Info

Hotel California By the Sea touts on its website that its facility and its treatment program is affordable. The curious thing is that there is no information on the site about how much the treatment actually costs per month or throughout the duration of the treatment. This can be frustrating for prospective patients and their family members as they try to decide which treatment facilities are best for them. In order to obtain this information, you'll have to call the center.

Low Staff-to-Patient Ratio

When you seek treatment for alcohol abuse in a center the caliber as Hotel California By the Sea, you would expect to have small groups with large number of staff to help. The groups are indeed small at Hotel California By the Sea, but the staff number are a little lower than one would prefer to see. There are about as many staff members are there are patients at Hotel California By the Sea.

The Bottom Line

It's concerning to the person searching for information about Hotel California By the Sea that there is little to read in terms of the program's costs; however, this is one of the few problems you'll find at Hotel California By the Sea. At the center you'll be able to receive visits from family, will be watched over by qualified doctors and counselors and will be treated to expert care in an environment the resembles a resort. This is a solid facility for anyone struggling with alcoholism.

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