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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Hope by the Sea is located in Southern California, just south of Los Angeles, in Orange County. With great year-round weather and a location near the beach, this CARF accredited addiction treatment facility provides a comfortable atmosphere for patients seeking refuge from alcohol abuse. At its heart, Hope by the Sea is a Christian-based treatment center, but that does not mean that all patients need to be Christian or participate in the Christian-treatment regimen.

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The Good

  • Multiple Treatment Programs
  • Insurance Coverage ?Options
  • On-Site Patient Testimonials
  • Multiple Treatment Centers

Multiple Treatment Programs

With the three treatment centers: Complete Harmony, Celebrate Hope, and Hope Academy, patients are able to receive specialized care that fits their personal needs as well as demographic. Hope by the Sea provides a dedicated young adult treatment program as well as college-based programs to help students gain sobriety and promote sober living while preparing for or attending college. While not unique, Christian-based treatment provides a spiritual approach to healing, similar to that of the 12-step program. With the Christian program, patients receive treatment in combination with worship services, daily devotionals, workshops, and individual and group sessions. Hope by the Sea also provides detox and outpatient options for patients, with additional long-term treatment and aftercare programs for those who have completed initial alcohol abuse treatment.

Insurance Coverage Options

One of the biggest obstacles patients face in regards to treatment can be the financial burden that accompanies a stay at an alcohol abuse treatment facility. Hope by the Sea is CARF accredited and work with Aetna, Cigna, and other leading insurers. In addition to the above-listed providers, Hope by the Sea accepts most PPO health insurance plans, and will work with your insurance company to get qualified reimbursements for treatment.

On-site Patient Testimonials

Hope by the Sea features numerous patient testimonials that are accessible directly on their website. These testimonials help to provide further insight into patient treatment and the overall patient experience before one makes the choice to turn over their alcohol abuse to the professionals at Hope by the Sea.

Multiple Treatment Centers

Three centers make up Hope by the Sea: Complete Harmony, Celebrate Hope, and Hope Academy. Each center has its own specific focus of care, including sober living for young adults, Christian-oriented treatment, and a holistic non-12 step approach.


The Bad

  • Outdated Living Quarters
  • Lack of Dedicated One-on-One Treatment

Outdated Living Quarters

With an online tour of the facility, provided by mostly images and select promotional videos, patients are able to preview the facility directly on the treatment center's website. This tour, however, features low-quality images that show relatively outdated living quarters and amenities in comparison to similar facilities. A full remodel is definitely needed to help Hope by the Sea stand out when compared to its competitors' living quarters and treatment facilities.

Lack of Dedicated One-on-One Treatment

At Hope by the Sea, much of the treatment is experienced in group sessions, with minimal dedicated one-on-one treatment from the staff. Many patients receive most of their one-on-one treatment during the initial testing and evaluation phase, with generally weekly one-on-one sessions to follow. Group therapy sessions can be very helpful at building camaraderie and community support, but it is not a one-site-fits-all approach for those who thrive from dedicated one-on-one treatment.


The Bottom Line

Hope by the Sea provides alcohol abuse recovery in a great geographic location with comfortable weather and nearby beach access. And for patients who want to receive a Christian-focused treatment plan, it can be a great choice. The facility itself could use a remodel with updated furnishings, and patients will want to fact check some of the negative feedback/reviews, but otherwise Hope by the Sea appears to offer enough benefits to be considered for one's alcohol abuse treatment.
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Ryan Kelly San Juan Capistrano, CA

Hope by the Sea literally saved my life. I came to them broken, wrists slit open from hand to elbows from attempted suicide due to depression and alcoholism. I thought I was going there simply for detoxing, but quickly learned how deep my issues ran. My 30 day stay turned into 45, and then into 90. The new life I found is invaluable, and I cannot put a price tag on. I highly recommend this treatment center to anyone who is suffering from drug addiction or alcoholism

5 years ago

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DS Bakersfield, CA

Hope by the Sea ( same as Celebrate Hope) is not a Christian program, although I was misled to believe their Christian Track "Celebrate Hope" was a faith-based program. They fraudulently have the CARF Accreditation on their website. Among other erroneous details I was told, I will write about unethical sales and billing practices. The extent of the Christian track "Celebrate Hope" includes going to a local church (not Saddleback) on Sundays and occasionally holding a Celebrate Recovery group study. They only have CR group if there's a facilitator available, which was not a priority for Hope by the Sea. Their track for Christians included eastern meditation and yoga, which are not Christian practices. Their staff lacks professionalism and refused to provide me with a detailed billing statement, which I’m entitled to. I requested a detailed billing statement at UnitedHealthcare's request after Hope by the Sea submitted over $20,000 in claims in less than 30-days claiming payments to various third party sources, even after billing my credit card $6,500 and wanting to charge me another $400. Their tactic is to convince patients early on that generally most patients experience recovery after 12-months so they’re being convinced to stay longer. If you are looking for a Christian program, I strongly recommend New Life Spirit Recovery. For less than third of the cost, you experience a highly organized, very professional program, and they do not outsource their services. They provided me a very detailed billing statement and were honest and transparent. I do not recommend Hope by the Sea (Celebrate Hope), even for people not interested in a Christian program because of the poor service they offer and seemingly unethical business practices.

3 years ago

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John Edward Dray Barstow, CA

I have a friend in Hope by the Sea, she was hooked on meth, cocaine, rock cocaine and other drugs! After completing rehab she was talked into a sober living home arrangement after one week she called me wanting me to pick her up telling me that it was nothing at all as it was said to be! she had a Doctors appointment the next morning and was to call me at lunch, after waiting for days she did call, but she was so spun out of her mind on the drugs the Doctor had given her she was unable to focus on one subject, was talking at 200 mph and her opinion of the group home living situation had done a 180 degree turn, she even hung up on me mid sentence! I have called the State, County and City and demanded a complete investigation of this cult based sham, Do not trust these people it's only about the money!

3 years ago

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Tracy Walters Corning, CA

In my experience, as I’ve spoken of in previous messages, the “medical” staff at Hope by the Sea knows next to nothing about benzodiazepine withdrawal and protracted withdrawal. I was barely tapered – given a small amount of valium for less than a week before being forced to go cold turkey — after being on klonopin for over ten years. I had been on 2 mg. a day for a long time prior to going to HBTS. I had gone into this program feeling confident that I should be safe, due to the ‘medically supervised’ aspect the place touts. Well, the medical staff was not understanding regarding my terrible difficulty with withdrawal and my awful post acute withdrawal symptoms (and I was coming off of suboxone as well…also, I am 45 years old….not a teenager as many of the clients are.) They did not seem to be informed regarding the recommended tapering process for quitting benzodiazepines nor for the severity and gamut of awful symptoms that can be experienced. I am probably still struggling so badly because I was yanked off so quickly – I was there mid July 2017-mid August 2017. It has truly been an awful, AWFUL experience. I likely wouldn’t be left with such terrible protracted withdrawal symptoms months after leaving HBTS had I been tapered properly. I felt I was expected to keep up with the young ones, and most of them seemed to be coming off of much less powerful drugs – no one seemed to be struggling nearly as badly as I was (and still am now – more than 4 months after stopping the benzos and suboxone.) I convulsed and jerked wildly with involuntary muscle spasms. My eyes stayed unnaturally dilated for a long period of time and things were horribly blurred…my vision was SO poor. I couldn’t sleep. The anxiety and the shaking / tremors were insane (still struggling with this.) I felt/feel dizzy , off balance , foggy, dazed, almost drunk at times. There is a ringing in my head that sometimes becomes rather deafening, like rocks clinking around up there. I struggle with depression, frustration, desperation. Through all of this, (while I was there) it was alluded to that I was over-amplifying my symptoms. The therapist I was assigned to said as much. The case manager I was assigned to wanted to teach me to knit as a way to curb anxiety – well, knitting wasn’t going to cut this anxiety! As she tried to get me to do it, she became annoyed when I didn’t have the will or coordination to do it….I said in misery that I couldn’t function and then she snapped, “Well, if you can’t function they’re going to take you away….there gonna take you away and they’re gonna drug you up!” Ugh, I can almost hear it in my head now – the nasty tone with which she said these mean words…so hurtful. I did NOT feel safe at Hope by the Sea. There are some good people at this rehab, but the medical staff is uninformed….the residential houses do NOT have medical staff as employees – the house staffers are equipped only with battery operated blood pressure monitors, and of course their cell phones. If there’s a dangerous issue, all they can do is call 911…..there were times I was terrified with the racing heart/pumping adrenaline/wild spasms, but I didn’t let anyone call as I feared the bill that would result. After getting home and looking up klonopin withdrawal issues, I now know that HBTS was grossly negligent and that I may well have been in danger…..it sure did feel that way, but I was made to feel I was being “bad.” Now I know that my pain and fears were due to real issues that are STILL negatively affecting me. I wanted to go back to work after leaving HBTS, but now months since coming home, I still have not been able to hack it due to severe protracted withdrawal symptoms, and my family is suffering due to having very little income; this is painful for me as I so want to help and contribute. I am angry about the way I was treated. The medical staff was incompetent, often not at all present, and most of the few there that I met were harsh and/or unfriendly and standoffish – even sharp and condescending. This place may be ok for much lesser detoxes and withdrawals, but for my situation, they were beyond inadequate – I felt like a bug under a microscope who was forced to due their bidding and be “compliant” NO MATTER WHAT….whipped and worn down into submission. That was HORRENDOUS and absolutely miserable. BEWARE and please be cautious! You will likely be told all manner of rosy tidbits about Hope by the Sea by the person you talk to on the phone prior to being admitted….many of those things may be far from the truth. There doesn’t seem to be a perceived problem there with recruiters telling half-truths and outright LIES in order to tell potential clients what they want to hear in order to draw them in. Don’t just jump in without researching like I did. I went in so trustingly, and I was bitten hard. Tracy W.

4 years ago

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Angela Gattone Saint Charles, MO

They did more damage than good. One size fits all drugs, therapy. I was forced to do 12 steps although I was not there for drugs and alcohol. I had a service line up care for me. I explained thoroughly what I was seeking. The psychiatrist on staff was the worst I've ever seen and I've seen a few.

5 years ago

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Greg Daulton

We had a very poor experience. Mid-program, our son was dropped off w/out notice at a local train station for a minor rules violation. Needless to say, we were not pleased.

5 years ago