Hazelden and The Betty Ford Clinic merged in 2014, creating a network of centers dedicated to diagnosing, treating and supporting those which drug or alcohol addictions throughout the journey. The Hazelden Betty Ford Springbrook clinic is located in Springbrook, Oregon and offers comprehensive programs for those with addictions to drugs (illegal and prescription) and alcohol and their families.


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The Good

Hazelden, being a non-profit foundation, offers financial assistance for those in need as well as accepts most insurance. The following providers recognize Hazelden as an in-network provider, although it is recommended that one always verify their insurance’s coverage before assuming that treatment is covered:

  • Aetna
  • ComPsych
  • Gunderson Lutheran
  • Preferred One
  • Security Health Plan
  • Value Options

Pricing for the Hazelden Betty Ford Center in Springbrook is very transparent, far more so that many of the competitors and can be found at their Pricing and insurance page onsite. (https://www.hazelden.org/web/public/springbrook_rates_insurance.page) For a 30-day inpatient treatment program, one can expect to pay $36,500.

For those flying to the clinic, Delta Airlines offers discounts on airfare. Family treatment is free for one family member, and $931/month for each additional family member.

Springbrook offers a program especially for those in the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, trans-gender and questioning) community which addresses topics which are unique with LGBTQ individuals as they apply to mental health and addiction.

The following programs are offered (as taken from the Hazelden Betty Ford Springbrook website, and are current at the time of this review, but may change):

  • Residential Alcohol and Drug Rehab
  • Primary care for men and women
  • Extended care for men and women
  • The Health Care Professionals Program
  • Treatment for those with trauma
  • LGBTQ-sensitive addiction treatment
  • Addiction Assessments and Evaluations
  • Recovery Management
  • Mental Health Center

The Bad

For those who want a quick medical fix (medications) for their addiction, the Hazelden Betty Ford Center in Springbrook is not a good option. The treatment offered by the professionals is strongly focused in the 12-step program and therapy. Some may not be ready to make the life changes necessary to successfully complete the program and the lifetime of sobriety.

When calling the center, the customer service professionals are helpful and friendly, but when told that services were being sought for a “friend,” the CSR immediately went into an intervention type discussion, wanting the reviewer to state that an addiction had taken over their life. Considering the stereotypical “calling for a friend” experience, this is within an expected realm, however.

Only allowing one family member to receive assistance for free is disappointing, since addictions affect the entire family.

The Bottom Line

Combining two programs with a solid reputation for success in addiction treatment has created a solid network of treatment centers at which those struggling with addiction may find help. The Hazelden Betty Ford Center in Springbrook offers hope and healing for those who are ready to undergo treatment for their addiction.

Aftercare and support are exceptionally strong, with chapters of graduates nationwide to give a recovering addict help as support as they re-enter their daily life with a fresh perspective.

The Hazelden Betty Ford Center in Springbrook is highly recommended for its transparency, reputation, variety of programs and support after treatment.

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