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LAST UPDATED: July 7th, 2020

Executive 7 Day Detox is a specialized drug and alcohol addiction treatment program offered through Capo by The Sea, an all-inclusive addiction recovery company and destination by the same name in San Juan Capistrano, California. The Executive 7 Day Detox includes medical detoxification and is the first phase of treatment in recovery of drug and alcohol addiction. 

Catering to unique needs of high-ranking professionals like doctors, attorneys, business owners, and executives, this program makes special accommodations to address some of their unique needs and concerns including the following:

  • Discretion — situated in a remote, secluded location for greater privacy
  • Customization — can make progress in recovery in a tight time frame
  • Flexible electronics approach — allows residents to stay connected and engaged at work during treatment 
  • Luxury — has upscale accommodations for individuals accustomed to spa-like amenities

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The Good

  • Medical Detoxification 
  • Serene Environment 
  • Experienced Staff 
  • Financing Option
  • Aftercare Courses 

Medical Detoxification 

Executive 7 Day Detox offers medical detoxification for people who are chemically dependent on a substance. Medical detox helps your body detox quickly. However, detox can present unpredictable and strong withdrawal symptoms, so it’s safest to manage those with a medical detox team that can monitor vital signs and provide medical interventions as needed. 

The specifics of your detox depends on your addiction and other relevant medical factors. For example, individuals with an opiate addiction or a benzodiazepine dependence are placed on a tapering schedule and are treated differently than individuals with an alcohol addiction. 

Serene Environment

Capo by The Sea provides a unique environment for addiction recovery due to its location and its amenities. Clients can relax in the peaceful seaside community with breathtaking views of Southern California.

The private house is upscale in design and amenities, with private rooms and semi-private rooms available. The amenities are similar to a spa retreat with high-quality furniture, high-end linens, and flat-screen TVs. 

You can click through pictures of the Executive Detox House on the corporate website to see what the rooms and view look like. 

Experienced Staff 

The staff at Capo by The Sea includes licensed professional staff with clinical experience. The staff includes the following members:  

  • Board-certified physician 
  • Licensed drug and alcohol counselor 
  • LCSW therapist with a doctorate in medical physiology 
  • CCAPP-registered drug and alcohol technician
  • Certified medical assistant 
  • Licensed vocational nurse
  • Certified trauma yoga instructor 
  • Certified fitness and nutrition specialist
  • Clinical human psychophysiologist 

As far as programming goes beyond medical detox, you can enlist in a traditional 12-step program or non 12-step rehab programming. The company’s multi-dimensional approach includes the following: 

  • Psychotherapy
  • Medication assisted treatment (MAT)
  • Group support
  • Psychosocial education
  • Holistic activities such as yoga, therapeutic massage, art therapy, equine therapy, acupuncture, and recreation 

Financing Option 

Prosper Lending, a rehab financing company, works with Executive 7 Day Detox clients to finance their stay through one of two different programs: 

  • Loans from $2,000–$35,000 — The Standard Prosper loan involves a fast application process with an immediate approval decision, funds via direct deposit within a few days, a minimum credit score of 640, and 7.95%–35.99% APR.
  • Loans from $20,000–$100,000 — The Exceptional Prosper loan involves an application process with a live loan officer review, funds via direct deposit as soon as the day you apply, a minimum credit score of 740, and 5.95%–19.99% APR. 

For either loan type, there are term options out to 84 months, no prepayment penalties, and no collateral required. 

Be aware that eligibility is not guaranteed and the loan amount, term length, and your credit profile can impact the loan terms. 

Aftercare Courses 

After the 7-day detox is complete, clients can participate in classes applicable to all areas of addiction recovery, including the following: 

  • Relapse prevention
  • Setting and adhering to boundaries 
  • Expressing feelings and needs
  • Re-establishment of home and work relationships
  • Financial regrouping
  • Anger management
  • Pain management

The Bad

  • Cost 
  • Short-Term Solution 
  • Few Outpatient Treatment Details 


The total cost for Executive 7 Day Detox isn’t advertised, but the website says the program is designed for “those with means,” so it can be assumed that this program costs significantly more than other detox programs. This makes sense, because you are paying for not only the medical support but also for the luxury amenities and location. 

Short-Term Solution 

One of the perks of this company is that it can make such a dramatic impact in such a short time. But on the flip side, recovery is a lifelong process. The staff at Executive 7 Day Detox offers full-time medical detoxification support for just seven short days. 

Capo by The Sea does offer longer-term residential treatment options lasting from 30 days to several months in duration, but those treatment programs are distinct from Executive 7 Day Detox. 

Few Outpatient Treatment Details

Outpatient treatment is for individuals who are ready to transition from active treatment in a residential environment to a more real-world situation. 

The corporate website gives few details regarding the outpatient treatment program offered by Capo by The Sea aside from explaining that it uses the Florida Model of treatment. This model consists of sober living accommodations separate from an intensive outpatient program and may involve working with a professional sobriety coach and participating in a recovery community. 

The lack of details may be in part because each treatment plan will be unique according to individualized needs and treatment history. You’ll need to call to speak with an admissions specialist to determine what options you have.


The Bottom Line

Executive 7 Day Detox is ideal for the time-constrained individual seeking a fast medical detoxification to jumpstart their addiction recovery. It offers high-quality treatment in a short amount of time. Not only does this program offer full-time medical support for the duration of the stay, but it also begins the work of addressing underlying mental health issues. 

The big question is, can you afford it? You’ll need to talk to an admissions representative to determine how much your stay will cost and then decide how to finance your stay. Capo by The Sea offers phone support for English and Spanish speakers. 

If you’re looking for a similar but slightly different approach than a 7-day medical detox, Capo by the Sea offers other treatment programs to consider, including Golf Drug Rehab extended residential programs.

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