Cliffside Malibu is located in gorgeous Malibu, California. This alcohol addiction treatment center is dedicated to helping patients who struggle with alcohol dependency come to terms with their addictions and then employ strategies to helping the individual overcome this addiction. The center uses a number of treatment styles to reach all types of patients. At Cliffside Malibu you'll not only find a state-of-the-art facility in a beautiful location, but you'll be under the care of seasoned professionals who know how to help addicts find peace and recovery.

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The Good

  • Guaranteed success
  • Accountability
  • Evidence-based treatment

Guaranteed Success

Cliffside Malibu guarantees its treatment will be successful. Some may scoff at this bold statement, but it shows that the center is confident in what it teaches and in the methods it employs for its patients. When you come to Cliffside Malibu, you will be under the watchful care of medical professionals and other staff members who are vigilantly committed to you.


A central tenant to Cliffside Malibu's approach helping patients understand what contributed to their alcohol dependency in the first place. Cliffside Malibu wants its patients to accept their condition and the poor choices they've made. The treatment also identifies the triggers that have led to the addictions. Cliffside Malibu makes liberal use of psychologists in the treatment program. These experienced professionals work one-on-one with patients to walk through the States of Change model.

Evidence-Based Treatment

Patients who come to Cliffside Malibu have an advantage that patients of many alcohol rehab centers don't have: Cliffside Malibu uses treatments that have been tried and proven in the medical and science communities. Cliffside Malibu believes in employing medically sound treatments that have helped countless other patients before. The center is committed to using research in the fields of medicine, psychology and neuroscience, as well as in other fields to further their treatments and to use sound methods in their treatment. In fact, Cliffside Malibu has an on-staff researcher to help develop its treatment programs.

The Bad

  • Treatment costs not disclosed
  • Transient Group Programs

Treatment Costs Not Disclosed

One of the first questions any prospective patient or family member of a potential patient will ask is how much the treatment will cost. One would expect such information to be readily available on the center's website. Curiously, however, there is no mention of how much your monthly stay will be. However, online searchers on other sources reveal that the program cost can be anywhere from $50,000 to $80,000, which puts Cliffside Malibu at the top of the all alcohol addiction treatment facilities.

Transient Group Programs

Group settings and group therapy can be valuable for many patients. This style of rehabilitation can foster trust and honesty and can create a greater degree of accountability than you might find with programs where the treatment omits group therapy. Cliffside Malibu does indeed include group therapy aspects. The challenge is, however, Cliffside Malibu has members come and go. One patient may leave the program, and another one may come in during the program. This goes on throughout the 90 days. This may create some disruptions and discontinuity among the members.

The Bottom Line

The high cost at Cliffside Malibu is a huge concern for many potential patients. If money is no barrier, then you shouldn't worry about this aspect. The research-based approach is appealing, as patients can be confident in the medically backed methods the center uses. Cliffside Malibu has tremendous facilities and amenities as well. In terms of success and the effects the program has, Cliffside Malibu is a can't-miss choice for you or your loved one.

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