Casa Recovery was founded by now–executive director Krishna Jessick. A smaller facility, this rehabilitation center is located in southern California—San Juan Capistrano, to be exact. The programs offered there cater to both inpatient and outpatient needs and vary greatly in length. Depending on the needs of the client, there are options to receive treatment from them for just 30 days or up to six months for special circumstances. Like many other rehabs, Casa Recovery founded its programs on the 12-step recovery model, along with principles taught in Alcoholics Anonymous. With a holistic drive and options to receive support throughout your entire recovery process, this facility has much to offer.


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The Good

It serves this facility well that they base their programs off of the 12-step model. Admittedly, there are individuals out there who have not experienced success with this model and find the 12 steps to be frustrating to a full recovery. But for many other clients, the 12 steps are thorough and help them deeply evaluate the triggers they struggle with, as well as healthy ways to redirect stresses and other emotions that led to their addiction.

It’s also an advantage in many ways that Casa Recovery is a smaller facility. In many respects, this gives patients a more personal feel to their treatment and makes the facility feel more like a home and less like a facility.

The following features truly stand out among the other qualities of Casa Recovery:

  • Faith-based program. For those who are interested, there is a faith-based program available at Casa. This can include Bible therapy, spiritual therapy, and an incorporation of religious principles. For many people, recovery is not secular; it might involve a Higher Being or standards that they feel keep them centered and clean. Becoming clean from an alcohol addiction might not feel complete with that religious aspect, so at Casa Recovery, that’s an option. It’s not required, of course, for patients who don’t prefer to recover with a faith foundation. But the option is convenient and personal.
  • Duration of treatment. Casa Recovery says that their 90-day program is their most successful, but they offer everything from 30 days to even six months for program time! Should you need to stay for only a month of treatment, you can leave after 30 days, but you can also stay for 60 or 90 days if you prefer. Their six-month program is a little more unique, as it caters specifically to individuals who need a more extensive program.
  • Holistic. Another advantage to the programs at Casa are that they are holistic. Recovering from an alcohol addiction is a physical process and a mental process. Learning how to be healthy, balanced, and self-aware can make the difference in how confident you feel moving forward from treatment. Among the holistic practices in the program are sweat lodge therapy, drum therapy, yoga, art therapy, and acupuncture. Those are just a few of the options available.

In many ways, the options at Casa Recovery cater to a variety of patients and offer ways to not just heal a client from an alcohol dependency but also rebuild the client mentally and spiritually.

The Bad

However, probably more immediate disadvantages are the following:

  • Insurance. Casa Recovery, fortunately, accepts most insurance plans. But what they don’t accept is Medicaid, MediCal, and Medicare. This is very common among drug and alcohol rehab centers, but it remains a negative aspect even so. For customers who have state insurance and are in great need of alcohol rehabilitation, they can expect to pay out of pocket with Casa.
  • Pricing. Speaking of out-of-pocket expenses, the prices at Casa aren’t the lowest around. Before any help from insurance, you can expect to pay $30,000 for just 30 days of residential treatment. To be fair, they do offer a deal for only $15,000 for 30 days, but you can only get that deal if you pay in cash only. That’s difficult to do. If you’re interested in outpatient or intensive outpatient programs, then your expenses will still be relatively high but not nearly as intense as the residential prices. It costs $4,000 for 30 days of the outpatient program (which meets three days a week), and it costs $7,5000 for the intensive outpatient program (housing included if needed, though).
  • Location. Finally, depending on where you live, the location of this facility could break your decision to work with Casa Recovery. They are only located in California, so if you need an outpatient program, for example, and you live out of state or even in northern California, the program at Casa isn’t for you. In some ways, the facility is very limited and is convenient for only nearby residents or patients who are willing to travel.

All in all, the cons for this company aren’t grievous and in fact are to be expected in a lot of ways. For example, this is not the only company that is limited to one location, that charges high prices, and that does not accept state insurance. However, in comparison to the facilities out there who do offer bigger options, Casa Recovery becomes one of the limited facilities and less appealing.

The Bottom Line

Not only do they offer both residential and outpatient services; they also make room for more faith-oriented clients who need a refuge where they can implement that facet of their recovery.

The main reasons you would not want to work with Casa are if their location doesn’t meet your needs or if their pricing and insurance options are out of your range. If the logistics work for you, however, this facility can offer help through the 12-step program, connections with AA, holistic practices, and support throughout your recovery. Not only will you receive aftercare if you need it; they also help you with detoxification. They can also adjust the duration of your treatment to the amount you need to feel ready to return to normal life.

Casa Recovery is worth looking into. They have their fair share of strengths and weaknesses, but particularly if their program options speak to your needs, they are eager to help.

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