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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
With nearly 60 years of experience in behavioral health and addiction treatment, Caron Treatment Centers is one of the oldest nonprofit alcohol rehab centers in the Nation. They are both a member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers and certified by the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). With an emphasis on outcomes, Caron Treatment Centers focuses on results via evidence-based treatment, ongoing support, and measurable results.

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The Good

  • Specialized Facilities
  • Documented Studies and Use of Statistical Data
  • Scholarships and Student Assistance

Specialized Facilities

Caron Treatment Centers has three locations: Caron Pennsylvania provides gender-separate, residential alcohol abuse treatment for patients of all ages. Caron Renaissance in Florida acts as a longer-term facility for adults. And Caron Ocean Drive in Florida provides executive-level care in a luxury setting for affluent businessmen and women. Caron Treatment Centers are able to provide specialized care for many demographics. This includes teens, young adults, seniors, and executive professionals. They also have regional recovery centers in Atlanta, New England, New York, Philadelphia, & Washington DC.

Documented Studies and Use of Statistical Data

Caron Treatment Centers provides data collected from past patients who have completed the My First Year of Recovery program, an online platform for patient use following their return home from treatment. The study includes four years of collected data. From this patient data, Caron Treatment Centers provides the following statistics on the efficacy of their outcome-based treatment:

  • 81.2% of alumni were abstinent at completion of the one year program
  • 100% of Caron patients report that their quality of life is good to very good
  • 81% of participants continue to attend on-going outpatient addiction treatment
  • 89.4% of participants attend 12-step meetings
  • 76.6% have secured addiction sponsors

More than four out of five patients maintain sobriety for at least one year following treatment. Caron Treatment Centers also notes on their website that they will be releasing a smartphone app version of their My First Year of Recovery program for use by patients.

Scholarships and Student Assistance

The cost of attending an alcohol rehabilitation facility can be staggering for many patients. With this in mind, Caron Treatment Centers, a not-for-profit entity, provides access to scholarships for some patients, with the funds being raised through center alumni, family, friends, center benefactors, and employees. The endowment for the scholarship fund changes year-by-year, but in 2013-2014 it provided $16.4 million worth of aid to patients attending the facilities. In addition to scholarship availability, Caron Treatment Centers has relationships with healthcare lending firms who can be used as a financial resource with interest-free or low, fixed rate financing. A Student Assistance Program is also an option for teens and young adults. SAP partners with schools, parents, communities, and other concern organizations to help students achieve healthy living and provide ongoing educational opportunities.


The Bad

  • Lack of Insurance Options
  • Geographical Distance Between Locations

Lack of Insurance Options

Even though Caron Treatment Centers is accredited by CARF and a member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers, there is a glaring lack of insurance information, leading one to assume that treatment at Caron Treatment Centers will most likely not be covered by insurance providers.

Geographical Distance Between Locations

While not every patient will require treatment at both Caron Pennsylvania and Caron Renaissance in Florida, the longer-term facility location in Boca Raton, Florida can be a bit of a drive/flight from the main Pennsylvania facility for those transferring for a long-term or extended recovery program.

The Bottom Line

With wide age and demographic coverage, as well as three specialized locations, Caron Treatment Centers is able to provide its outcome-based alcohol addiction treatment in a holistic way: traditional treatment in Pennsylvania and longer-term or executive, luxury treatment in its Florida locations. The transparency shown by Caron Treatment Centers is refreshing; however, with limited insurance coverage, this may not be the best option for patients who are unable to receive scholarship funds to subsidize their stay.
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