The Caron Foundation operates rehabilitation centers in Pennsylvania, Texas and Florida and has over 500 beds combined in the three centers. Their programs are based strictly upon the traditional 12-Step philosophy and the approach is what many might call strict.


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The Good

In addition to rehabilitation, The Caron Foundation offers assistance including:

  • Helping friends and family plan an intervention
  • Prequalifying insurance benefits
  • Offering financial aid, scholarships or referrals to lending companies to help pay for treatment
  • Family support and programs
  • Student education programs to prevent drug or alcohol use

The Caron program offers the following programs for treatment of drug and alcohol addiction:

    • Adults

-Adults 65 & Older
-Healthcare Professionals
-Pain & Chemical Dependency

    • Teens & Adolescents (13 – 19)

-Extended Care

    • Young Adults (20 – 25)

-Young Adult Males
-Young Adult Females

    • Family Education

-Satell Family Children and Teens Program
-Adolescent Family Education
-Young Adult Family Education
-Adult Family Education
-Relapse Family Education

Caron offers a comprehensive after-care program, which is designed to prevent relapse and offer individuals and their families support as they rediscover a life free of drugs or alcohol. These are available at no additional charge for those who complete the program.

Aftercare services which are provided by Caron include:

  • Online tool – “My First Year of Recovery”
  • Assistance locating 12-Step programs in the graduate’s area
  • Social/family support

The Bad

The rehabilitation centers run by Caron are listed as luxury level, and carry a price tag of such, of prices for a month of treatment services starting around $38,000. There are many options available for financing, but to find the information, one must dig on the website, and specifically inquire about them. This can add to one’s frustration when already in a difficult situation.

While The Caron Foundation does accept many insurance plans, they are considered “out of network” and as such the out of pocket expenses for their services will be higher, making the financial drain more an issue.

This program is a strict one, and in order to graduate, one must embrace the 12-Step philosophy fully, which may prove difficult for some.

The Bottom Line

Those looking for a research based and time tested traditional 12-Step program will fit well in the Caron Program. Their after-care services are exceptional and graduates receive significant support upon completion of the program. Additionally, the Caron Foundation is a non-profit and gives back to the community in educating about the dangers of drug (illicit and prescription) and alcohol abuse with a program called SAP (Student Assistance Program).

Caron offers financial aid and partial scholarships as well as referrals to lending organizations to help clients and their families afford treatment.

Because of the facts stated above as well as their accreditation with CARF and track record, Caron is a recommended program for those facing drug and/or alcohol addiction.

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