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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019
Black Bear Lodge provides inpatient and outpatient services for alcohol and other drug addictions. Its Georgia facility provides patients with onsite detox as well as several different rehabilitation programs. The Black Bear Lodge staff includes a team of licensed therapists, physicians, and other experienced professionals who work collaboratively toward helping patients become "equipped with the tools they need to build their own lives in recovery."

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The Good

  • Accredited Rehabilitation Facility
  • Provides Onsite Detox
  • Offers Both Inpatient and Outpatient Services
  • Offers Group and Individual Counseling 
  • Includes Aftercare and Alumni Program

Accredited Rehabilitation Facility

Black Bear Lodge is an accredited rehab facility through the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Centers. It also holds membership in the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers. An accredited facility has met high standards for service delivery before receiving this distinction giving prospective patients peace of mind that they are working with quality professionals. The addition of membership in a reputable organization also adds a level of assurance in the quality of professionals working at Black Bear Lodge.

Provides Onsite Detox

Detox is often the initial and crucial step in beginning the rehabilitation process. Black Bear Lodge provides onsite sub acute detox. This essentially means its staff helps patients transition through detox to the rehabilitation facility and eventually back to their community. The Black Bear Lodge staff focuses on creating a comfortable environment for the detox process that may provide the most help in dealing with potential detox symptoms.

Offers Both Inpatient and Outpatient Services

One unique aspect of Black Bear Lodge Service is that it offers both inpatient and outpatient services. Many of the rehabilitation facilities we have reviewed only offer inpatient services which requires an individual live at the facility throughout treatment. Black Bear Lodge allows patients to determine whether a home or onsite setting would be most effective for their rehabilitation and receive treatment at that location.

Includes Group and Individual Counseling

A core aspect of a rehabilitation program is the use of regular therapy sessions to identify and help deal with driving forces behind alcohol addiction. Black Bear Lodge offers both individual as well as group therapy sessions as a part of treatment. This provides individualized attention as well as group support throughout rehab. In addition to counseling sessions, Black Bear Lodge provides different adventure therapy options which may be beneficial to some patients. Adventure therapy may include equine therapy, ziplining, horseback riding, and hiking.

Offers Aftercare and Alumni Program

Aftercare or Alumni programs can be a crucial component to success in continuing recovery after rehabilitation. Black Bear Lodge provides aftercare services to help patients continue on their road to recovery. Prospective patients should contact Black Bear Lodge for more specific details on the aftercare program.


The Bad

  • Lack of Online Transparency

Lack of Online Transparency

The Black Bear Lodge website provides a great deal of information on what can be expected in most rehabilitation programs, but it fails to provide details on specific components it offers patients. Its website prompts potential patients to contact Black Bear Lodge directly for more specific information, but this forces consumers to make the phone call before obtaining basic information about the program. Its website also fails to provide any specific pricing information. It prompts potential patients to look into their insurance coverage but does not provide a list of accepted insurance. Potential patients will again have to contact Black Bear Lodge to obtain any specific details regarding pricing and insurance.

The Bottom Line

Black Bear Lodge seems to offer a wide variety of treatment programs and flexibility to prospective patients. Its onsite detox and aftercare programs provide important care in achieving the initial stages of rehabilitation and continuing recovery. There are several pieces of information consumers will have to contact Black Bear Lodge directly to obtain. Accepted insurance, pricing information, and specific program components are all aspects of the Black Bear Lodge program potential patients should make sure to obtain before beginning rehab services.
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