The Betty Ford Center is one of the most well-known rehabilitation centers in the United States. They have recently merged with Hazelden, but their unique program remains largely unchanged. Known for being very strict and structured, the Betty Ford Clinic operates more as a medical treatment than a spa treatment. The amenities are not as important as the treatment, although the surroundings are nice.


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The Good

The Betty Ford Center has two primary locations; one is located in Rancho Mirage and the other in West Los Angeles. The Hazelden network operates 15 centers in several states. Of note is an addiction recovery program designed especially for the LGBTQ community which is offered in both of the California centers as well as in Springbrook, Oregon.

The average rehabilitation program at the Betty Ford Clinic is 28 days in length, although longer stays are sometimes needed and encouraged for full recovery. Pricing for a 4-week stay at the Betty Ford Center begins at $32,000 and the center accepts most major insurance plans with rehabilitation coverage. There are limited scholarships available.

Treatment for drug, alcohol or prescription drug addiction follows the basic 12-Step model. The Betty Ford Center works with their clients from helping with intervention, all the way to graduation and becoming an alumnus. Alumni of the Betty Ford Center are supported with local chapters, mentors, seminars, online chats, events, etc.

The following programs are some of the more popular or unique which are available:

  • Inpatient Treatment
  • Recommended for individuals who may require a prolonged detoxification
  • Recommended for individuals who may require stabilization. Once stabilized, patients may be transferred to Day Treatment to continue primary care.
  • Treatment activities include, but are not limited to:
    -Individual therapy
    -Specialty groups
    -Educational lectures
  • Treatment is gender specific and the Betty Ford Center has programs for young adults.

The Bad

Those graduating from the program have stated that it is an extremely strict program and that there is not much free time available. The rooms and facility are more like a clinic than a spa, and while nice, is not as posh as some of the other centers.

At this time, the Betty Ford Clinic does not have a treatment program designed specifically for adolescents, although centers in the Hazelden Network do.

Anyone who does not view addiction as a disease or who has distaste for the classic 12-Step model will not like this program. These principles are both the cornerstones to the treatment at the Betty Ford Centers.

The Bottom Line

Attending the Betty Ford Clinic requires a great deal of discipline, which is provided through the structure of the program itself. There are multitudes of people who give this center credit for saving their lives. The center can only treat less than 80 people at a time, so the wait to enter may be longer. Waiting for a scholarship may take considerably longer, which is not ideal, considering the dangers of addictions to drugs or alcohol.

While not as expensive as some programs, this rehabilitation center is not cheap and those without insurance coverage may not be able to afford treatment without a scholarship.

Support during aftercare is substantial and gives the maximum chance of success. The Betty Ford Center is a recommended program for addiction recovery treatment.

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