AToN Center is a licensed and certified residential treatment facility with a high clinician to resident ratio (1:2). They use industry best practice treatment methods to provide each client with an individualized recovery plan. Additionally, they include a co-occurring mental health diagnoses to further understand the needs of each client and to provide them with a plan that will have the best chance for success and recovery. The average stay at this facility is between 30 and 90 days and they are JCAHO accredited.

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The Good

  • Onsite detoxification program
  • Dual-diagnosis treatments used
  • Wide variety of group and individual support programs

Onsite Detoxification Program

AToN Center's detoxification program provides the client with a detoxification protocol. They are then observed every 30 minutes in case of a medical complication. Their entire staff is trained on emergency protocol and they have 24/7 consultation access to a medical doctor with available rapid transfer to a local emergency room or acute care hospital if needed. Additionally, this program uses benzodiazepine taper comfort medications to assist with the detoxification withdrawal process.

Dual-Diagnosis Treatments Used

This facility uses a dual-diagnosis treatment program that consists of comprehensive psychological assessments, on-site San Diego detox, recovery study work, intensive cognitive behavioral therapy, exposure therapies and offsite community support meetings.

Wide Variety of Group and Individual Support Programs

AToN Center offers a non-12 step program, SMART recovery, biofeedback, adjunctive therapy, recreational services, fitness training, organic nutrition and holistic treatments including massage, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, energy healing, Watsu and yoga. They also offer 12-step meetings with three hours of group therapy and one hour of individual therapy each day. Additionally, they also offer family sessions as well.

The Bad

  • Costs not disclosed
  • No gender specific programs available

Costs Not Disclosed

Unfortunately, AToN Center doesn't disclosing any of their treatment costs on their website; however, this isn't uncommon, especially with a facility that offers individualized treatment plans. Although, it would be more helpful to their clients if they would provide some sample pricing so people could make a more informed decision about their journey.

No Gender Specific Programs Available

AToN Center doesn't appear to offer any type of gender specific treatment options. Many people find it more comfortable to open up about their issues with people of their own gender; however, it's possible they do offer this option, but if they do, it's not clearly stated on their website. You will have to contact them for more information if this is something you are interested in.

The Bottom Line

AToN Center appears to be a reputable treatment facility with a wide variety of group and individual support programs. They have something for just about any need. Additionally, they are confident enough about their services that they advertise their success rates which says a lot about their program.

Additionally, we couldn't find many issues or anything that warrants a cause for concern. We don't see any reason you shouldn't consider them as one of your treatment options. However, more transparency about pricing and greater clarity about whether or not they offer any type of gender-specific programs would help potential customers immensely.

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