1. Assisted Recovery Centers of Georgia

Assisted Recovery Center (ARC) of Georgia got its start in 1999 in response to what it considered ineffective 12-step programs. The company is a pioneer in the use of Naltrexone as a treatment for alcohol addiction, and reports a success rate in the 60-percent range. Unfortunately, ARC of Georgia does not appear to be accredited by any industry-recognized organizations, and specific pricing and coverage information is missing from the site altogether.

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The Good

  • On-site detox
  • Multiple treatment plans
  • Medically assisted treatment

On-Site Detox

ARC of Georgia provides in-suite medical detox for patients who require a medical intervention in their rehabilitation. This detoxification process is performed and supervised by licensed nurses and physicians (respectively), and helps manage the symptoms of withdrawal in a safe, controled environment. Following successful completion of the in-suite medical detox, patients may then have the opportunity to participate in other treatment programs that require more specialized attention.

Multiple Treatment Plans

ARC of Georgia offers a wide variety of treatment options depending on the needs of the patient:

Outpatient Therapy

This program is designed for clients who require minimal support to maintain abstence. Clients in the Savannah, GA area have the opportunity to participate in at least two 1.5-hour group therapy sessions, as well as 10 hours/week one-on-one with a licensed therapist.

Intensive Outpatient Program

The intensive outpatient program is for clients who need close support and monitoring in their recovery-but not to the point where they must be hospitalized. Group therapy sessions are offered twice-weekly at 1.5 hours per session. Clients may also work one-on-one with a therapist for up to 20 hours per week.

Day Treatment-Accelerated Program

The accelerated program truncates ARC of Georgia's three-month program into a two-week outpatient program. Group and individual therapy sessions last up to three hours a day. This program is ideal for patience with a high likelihood of relapse.

Professional Executive Program

This program is designed specifically for executives and professionals who require confidentiality and have great demands placed upon their time.

Alcohol Harm Reduction Program

Designed for those whose alcohol consumption has not yet negatively affected their health or quality of life, the alcohol harm reduction program educates patients on the brink of alcohol addiction on ways to reduce their consumption to a safe and socially acceptable level.


The Bad

  • Limited program options
  • Poor online transparency
  • No aftercare

Limited Program Options

Despite ARC of Georgia's impressive treatment options, the company is limited in terms of the specific types of care it provides. ARC of Georgia is an outspoken critic of Alcoholic Anonymous' 12-step program, labelling it as ineffective in the long-term treatment and recovery of patients. And while the company has a program specially tailored to the needs of executives and professionals, it does not appear to offer programs for military and first responders suffering from addiction or PTSD, age- or gender-specific programs, or a SMART recovery program.

Poor Online Transparency

Like many rehab centers, ARC of Georgia does not disclose its pricing structure for any of its inpatient or outpatient programs. Furthermore, the company does not prominently display any accreditations it may have, insurance types it accepts, or the names of approved insurance providers. Although ARC of Georgia's services are restricted to the Savannah, GA area, this information is still very important to potential clients.

No Aftercare

ARC of Georgia does not appear to offer any kind of aftercare-whether it be follow-up treatment, or an alumni program. Indeed, many of ARC of Georgia's programs seem to be tailored to move patients through their rehab treatment as quickly as possible.

The Bottom Line

Overall, ARC of Georgia offers a number of compelling treatments for clients in the Savannah, GA area. The company has pioneered the use of antagonistic drug remedies to help reduce clients' dependence on addictive substances. Consequently, those looking for a 12-step program should look elsewhere for treatment. And while ARC of Georgia's treatment options appear effective, the company would do well to provide more pertinent information-accepted insurance providers, etc.-on its site.

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