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Alpha Home

Alpha Home is CARF-accredited and has a 50-year history of treating addictions and rebuilding lives. They offer a 16-week gender-specific program for both males and females 18 years and older consisting of evidence based curriculums and trauma-informed care. Alpha Home uses a 12-step program and teaches important life skills that help people embrace sobriety and courage before, during and after treatment. And the average length of stay is 70 days.

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The Good

  • Three treatment programs
  • Funding assistance available
  • Wide variety of services included

Three Treatment Programs

Alpha Home offers three types of treatment programs, which are residential, outpatient and transitional housing:

  • Residential Alcohol Rehab Center: This facility offers a home-like residential setting with 47 beds that are divided between two facilities near downtown San Antonio.
  • Outpatient Alcohol Rehab: This is an outpatient program for those who have the skills and support to recover without residential care. The average length is four to six months, depending on each individual clients needs and circumstances.
  • Transitional Housing: This is a recovery support home in a quiet residential neighborhood. Transitional housing provides a safety net and launching pad for sober, independent living. The program can accommodate 15 clients at a time and the anticipated stay is approximately four months.

Funding Assistance Available

Alpha Home states they have funding assistance available for those who are unable to pay; however, you will have to qualify to determine if you are eligible for such assistance. Additionally, Alpha Home accepts Medicaid, Medicare, Veterans Benefits, and CHAMPUS as well.

Wide Variety of Services Included

Alpha Home offers a wide variety of services that will depend on which plan you choose. Some of the services they offer include individual counseling, assessment and treatment plans. They also offer case management, education groups which include recovery skills, relapse prevention, healthy relationships, anger management, parenting, GED classes, sober-related activities, health and wellness, job readiness, and more.

The Bad

  • Treatment costs undisclosed
  • Undisclosed insurance types
  • No rate of recovery or an aftercare program

Treatment Costs Undisclosed

Unfortunately, Alpha Home doesn't disclose any of their treatment costs. This is common for rehab programs; however, we feel being more transparent about this type of information would encourage more people to make an inquiry versus totally ruling it out based on the assumption it would cost too much.

Undisclosed Insurance Types

Alpha Homes does accept insurance from nine different insurance companies which is good. However, they don't disclose if the insurance plans they accept are HMOs, PPOs or both. Being more transparent about this issue would be helpful to those searching through the website to determine whether or not they would be able to use this company's services.

No Rate of Recovery or Aftercare Programs

Alpha Home does not disclose their rate of recovery for their services. This is an important fact that shows how effective their treatment is for the people who have used their services.

Additionally, it doesn't appear that they offer any type of aftercare programs either; however, they do have a volunteer organization that heads up an Alumnae program. The Alumnae group meets weekly and offers encouragement and support to those involved. This is unlike an official aftercare program that offers ongoing follow-up treatments and professional support that most post-treatment clients find extremely helpful and vital to their ongoing success.

The Bottom Line

Alpha Home is CARF-accredited and they appear to offer many treatment options for a wide variety of situations. And they have been around for 50+ years which lends some credence to the success of their program.

However, they don't disclose any type of pricing or even pricing examples. Additionally, they don't appear to offer any type of medically assisted treatments or a ongoing aftercare program. It would also be beneficial to their potential clients if they would disclose their rate of success and the type of insurance they accept such as PPOs or HMOs or both.

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